The Blooty Beetroots

The Blooty Beetroots

We didn’t just go behind the scenes; we were lucky enough to go behind the mask of The Bloody Beetroots


We didn’t just go behind the scenes; we were lucky enough to go behind the mask of The Bloody Beetroots and got a chance to chat with Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo (SBCR.) Behind the sinister mask, we found a gentleman who was ever so pleasant. SBCR or better known as the musical revolutionist “The Bloody Beetroots” puts on a show you will never forget, due to his incredibly unique music he describes as “experimental.” As identifiable as his beats are, his face remains un-seen to the public. SBCR uses a mask to portray himself to the world, never exposing his face during shows or to photographers.

His idea of wearing a mask comes from his Italian background in Venice, inspired by Carlo Goldoni. Carlo was the main writer of a huge Italian mask theatre called Teatro Della Commedia Dell’Arte, in the 1700’s. Wearing a mask is “in his roots,” and the Spider-Man mask that he always wears has created an image for SBCR that’s as memorable as his music, and he plans on keeping it that way. The Spider-Man mask has created a sort of icon for his image, and he sees no reason to change it. Simply stating, “I’ll keep that mask, I like it.” Though he likes the mask, recently he has switched things up on us. He has created a new version for his new tour. The mask is still kept with the spidey-like features, but with an added twist. You’ll just have to see it for yourself and see how it brightens your night.

“The Bloody Beetroots” is only one of three forms that this musician has created, bringing different vibes with each of his shows. His DJ set includes Tommy Tea for FX, and “Death Crew 77” is a “live expression” performance. The opportunities that each form of The Bloody Beetroots gives to express SBCR’s talent has caused major success, and “it’s like being in a different world.” He founded the name “The Bloody Beetroots” due to its easy recognition. It is something original, something memorable, and is definitely something that people could find and recognize easily. 2012 was a big year for the Bloody Beetroots DJ Set.

They traveled all around headlining festivals left and right as well as putting on their own shows. The set up they used was a unique style of only white lights on a large booth with “Bloody Beetroots” stretched across it and “DJ Set” below it. Conquering every crowd with even just the DJ sets, SBCR has decided to turn things up. For SBCR, the start of 2013 meant a whole new show. Thus, he broke out with the Bloody Beetroots Live (previously known as Death Crew 77.) This is where the magic happens; the keyboards, drums, and the piano all come out. The live performance by SBCR and his other fellow musicians is nothing short of a rager. Headlining the live stage during weekend two of Ultra Music Festival, the crowd went insane. Every song played was an original Bloody Beetroots track. The crowd was beyond hyped up for this. It’s not every day you get the rare pleasure here in North America to see Bloody Beetroots, either a DJ set or by himself. To be able to see it live was a whole other level of craziness. Watching SBCR run around on stage doing what he does best, with such energy and love for his music is an over powering feeling backed by the pounding sounds of the live drums and the unique experimental synths from the keyboards all mashed up into your ears creating an un common effect better known as an eargasm. Bloody Beetroots live is touring North America in just a few short days. The schedule is up, and with tour dates all across North America from May 17th to closing out with a bang on the HARD stage at EDC Vegas, June 26th, the tour will be nothing short of bloody good time.

Running a life full of projects and experiments, The Bloody Beetroots is his favorite one, but not his only one. For the past five years, SBCR has been a photographer with a taste for black and white imagery. All photos of The Bloody Beetroots have shown his opinion that “black and white is the most beautiful”.

Apart from his musical career, SBCR also has a photo project called “black sheep” that reflects on his skill in photography. But amongst all of his projects, his favorite one to be a part of is The Bloody Beetroots, since it shows the collaboration of all his work, and the passion behind it. This same talent is the background of SBCR’s explosive success in the world of EDM, and when his signature beats drop, you’re bound to find yourself surrounded by high energy. But his music isn’t only hard drops and intensity. “The music is meant to inspire, to dream and to give a reason of strength, but it also has the power to bring people together forever. And that’s why I try every day to give my audience a full view. Photography, music, fashion, icons and world history. There are many types of commu-nication.” The Bloody Beetroots is a unique collaboration of all of his projects and forms of communicating.

The crowd is given everything during his shows, and nothing is held back from giving an outstanding performance every time. He is not just a DJ, but a true artist, and it’s the passion that SBCR has for all of his work that only further credit’s the background to his major success.



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