Steve Angello Calls For Dance Music To ‘Become Creative Again’

Steve Angello Calls For Dance Music To ‘Become Creative Again’

Swedish House Mafia vet talks to MTV News about his solo album and why so many EDM producers need fresh ideas.

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In a recent interview with MTV, Steve confirms that he just got back to “letting loose on creativity,” and that “it’s really important for dance music today to become creative again.” Describing an artist album that would offer a new Steve Angello with a taste of the old, Wild Youth came “straight from the heart.”

I wanted to get back to just letting loose and just having fun, not think within the box. Just kind of lose it when it came to It’s really important for dance music today to become creative again and really think, not just repeat yourself like a lot of producers do. Creatively it’s given me a lot of fuel — I feel like a kid again. I’m doing something that came straight from the heart.

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Lack of originality has been a hot topic in the EDM world lately. In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Diplo went as far as calling dance music and DJs “interchangeable.”

After hearing Angello describe what went into his upcoming album, it sounds like keeping his work fresh and inspired will not be an issue. In fact, his new project is so fresh that he says it makes him “feel like a kid again.” With “cool collaborations” and plenty of live instruments, Wild Youth already sounds like something different for Angello, and the genre as a whole.

Wild Youth is not the only project coming from the now-disbanded Swedish House Mafia. Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell are already hard at work on “Departures,” their newest residency together in Ibiza that will kick off in June.

In the meantime, you’ll have to use your imagination as anticipation builds for Wild Youth. As he himself put it, “It’s a new Steve Angello, and I’m excited about it.”



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