SPECIAL RELEASE: Wonders (Original Mix) by Tyler Sherritt and Jack Shanahan

SPECIAL RELEASE: Wonders (Original Mix) by Tyler Sherritt and Jack Shanahan
Beverly Stoll

As a thank you to blogs, fans, and music enthusiasts everywhere; Tyler Sherritt and Jake Shanahan are looking to release “Wonders”, unsigned, as a free giveaway. 



“Wonders” is one of Tyler Sherritt and Jake Shanahan’s most recent collaborations together.  The track is produced by both Sherritt and Shanahan with lyrics written and sung by Sherritt himself.


Click here to listen: Wonders (Original Mix) by Tyler Sherritt & Jack Shanahan

Tyler Sherritt already has been involved in major collaborations with artists such as First State which their track “Maze” was signed and released under Blackhole Recordings on Tiesto’s label Magik Muzik.  It still remains on Magik Muzik’s top 10 tracks on Beatport and reached #49 on Beatport’s Top Progressive House chart; Tyler is in the process of finishing a ‘follow-up’ of “Maze” with First State.  “Maze” has also been supported by artists such as Garth Emery, Armin van Buuren, and Axwell.

Tyler Sherritt


On July 30th his long awaited track “Lux In Tenebris” with Swab;  Joey Mova will be released on Paul Oakenfold’s label Perfecto and another track with TV Rock’s Ivan Gough is in the works and already gaining attention from several well respected artists in the EDM industry.  With Jake Shanahan, their track “On The Otherside”, has been signed and released under Pinkstar.  Tyler has played some of New York City’s major house music venues including Pacha NYC, Cielo, and Santos Party House.

Tyler Sherritt | Official Website
Tyler Sherritt | Official Facebook
Tyler Sherritt | Official Twitter
Tyler Sherritt | Official Soundcloud

Tyler has been making a name for himself up and down the Eastern Coast and will be hitting cities coast to coast by the end of 2012.



XVI Rooftop

New York, NY

Day Party sponsored by AVION



Baltimore, MD

Night Event 2000+ ppl



Miami, FL

Night Pool Party



Miami, FL



Lights Out Festival

Miami, FL


Rokk Bar

Miami, FL



Hudson Terrace

New York, NY



Santos Party House

New York, NY

Headlining (Date released 1 month prior to event)



Long Branch, NJ



Click here to view: Tyler Sherritt – Wonders (Pacha NYC 5/24/12)

Jake Shanahan, a powerhouse producer, has released tracks under Armada, Revealed, Blackhole Recordings, Spinnin and Cloud9.


Jake Shanahan


He has collaborated with First State for several remixes and is also responsible for the popular remix of the track they did with Tyler, ‘Maze’.  Shanahan has been supported by artists such as Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, Rank 1, and Jordy Dazz.  Hardwell made an edit of one of Jake’s collaborations with fellow artist Sebastian Lintz, “Passion” which he played at his 2011 Edinburgh Set as well as several other live performances since then. Jake makes his NYC debut at the end of July 2012.


Jake Shanahan | Official Website
Jake Shanahan | Official Facebook
Jake Shanahan | Official Twitter
Jake Shanahan | Official Soundcloud



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