Moby: Destroyed. No, Not His Album. His Photography Book.

Moby: Destroyed. No, Not His Album. His Photography Book.
Beverly Stoll

Words By: Beverly Stoll

In correlation with his 10th album titled, Destroyed, Moby matched his music with breathtaking photos captured while on his travels around the world.

Yes, both the book and album were released for sale in 2011. However, as pioneering Moby is to electronic music, not many people know that he’s quite the photographer. There is no doubt that an artistic imagination is in his blood.  It’s just nice to see the other side of artists that aren’t portrayed. In an interview on National Public Radio, Moby mentioned that his life as a DJ isn’t so glamorous. It can be quite the desolate occupation, especially traveling at night. Arriving to an empty foreign land while people are sleeping can be an mind-bending and bizarre experience. With jet lag and nothing else to do, Moby wanders his latest city taking photos along the way.

Moby does mention that he deals with insomnia. With an unpredictable tour schedule, it’s an unavoidable consequence as a DJ. Of course, he loves what he does. He’s simply, keeping it real. With that said, follow Moby on his creative journey at http://destroyed.moby.com. Enjoy his latest blog entries, photos and follow the links provided to obtain your own copy of his photography book.

To read Moby’s interview with NPR, check out: http://www.wbur.org/npr/155924242/multifaceted-mobys-a-photographer-too



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