Late Night Alumni Interview

Late Night Alumni Interview

Recently Late Night Alumni has been touring around the US. They just released their new album The Beat Becomes A Sound.

Check out what they had to say as they tell us about their first tour, new album release and Becky’s little boy! Thanks for the great chat John and Becky!

Late Night Alumni

So it looks like you all have been together since 2004, what kind of changes/progress have you seen throughout the years?

J) A lot of it has stayed the same and that’s what we’ve enjoyed. It’s always been the same members. A lot of it has been the same wokring conditions where we’ve all been in different places. At no point have we all lived near eachother. It’s actually been a lot more consistent than what I expected because we’ve gotten very good at working together from far away places.

B) Yeah, it’s gotten a lot more streamlined. We’ve really figured out the details for what works for us.

J) There’s been no major changes or anything over the years.


Where do you see the group being in the future?

J) Hopefully still stable! (laughs)

B) Well we started doing shows to get more out there because our fans were asking us. We’re gonna try and take it to the next level. Mostly because people wanted us to, so might as well.

J) I would say that a good change from over the years is finally working live. Our first show was only one year ago in January. So Becky and I have been out doing live PA’s for the past few months. So i’d say if anything were gonna try and get out there and push it more live. We’ve really enjoyed that.


I’m actually bummed, I live here in San Francisco and was out of the country when you guys played here a few weeks ago. Hopefully I’ll see you guys next time.

J) I hope so as well, that was actually our second time playing there. We did another show just only 4 months ago. Hopefully they’ll have us back again.


How did you like playing in San Francisco?

B) It was great, we had a great time. Really cool venue (Ruby Skye.) The promoters were all very nice to us. I love the city.

J) We have quite a few fans out there so it was nice.


You recently released “The Beat Becomes a Sound” what can you tell us about what went into this album?

B) Well, it took more of a concentrated effort to put together because we were further apart than we usually are. So there was more travel involved for recording. I feel we were more into it, and we took things to the next level. I think getting the music out there is what inspired us. It happened over a few months at different locations, putting together different pieces. The actual name of the album came from that moment when all these spoken thoughts become actual sound waves and enter peoples lives where they can experience it for themselves.

J) It’s been a great experience traveling around from hotel rooms to Kaskade’s studio in Santa Monica, and home studios. Wherever we can make it work. There’s been a lot of different locations for recording. Next time we want to do more of that. We keep saying next time we’re gonna end up on an island somewhere recording.


What would be your favorite song on the album and why?

J) Ooh thats tough, it’s so diverse. Usually the one we’re working on in the moment. We’re big about performing Sapphire a lot lately. Thats been a big favorite. Thats a big song for LNA. You get huge sounding and it’s fairly club worthy for LNA. It’s really great seeing their reaction from that. But at the same time, we have some very lush full orchestra moments on it that I really enjoy.

B) Yeah, Sapphire is one of my favorites for sure.

J) I wish I could pick one but it’s really hard.

B) We’ve heard a lot of people say that Sapphire is their favorite.

J) We may make that our next single.


You’ve been getting some incredible, positive feedback on the album, what’s stuck out to you the most amongst all the feedback?

J) One thing that I thought was interesting was that a lot of fans have been saying “Thanks for staying true to your sound.” Which is really intersting. Because we never really try to do anything really different. Sometimes we’ll step into an album and say we should really focus on going this direction with it. But after a couple of songs we just can’t help but write what we write. It’s pretty nice to see that the people still feel they’re resonating with the old tracks from 2004-2005 and that we haven’t shocked anyone. Another thing that I liked was you asking us our favorite bevause i’ve seen so many different favorites.

B) It’s always awesome when its not just the same one song that people like over and over again. There’s a variety of favorites that people enjoy so that makes us feel like we’ve succeeded.

J) I think fewer and fewer people are doing full albums and they’re just putting out singles. So when you put together a cluster of songs. You’re hoping its not just gonna be heres the two coolest songs and a bunch of fillers. All of it has said something indivdually. But its been nice. Always a little bit scary when you put something out.


Becky, you have an incredible voice. Has singing always been what you’ve wanted to do?

B) Yes, from the get go. When I was little, I was writing Christmas songs and singing them to my family on Christmas morning. It’s always been what I’ve wanted. It’s funny because I just wanted it so bad. So that’s what I did. I decided I really wanted to make it happen for myself. I wanted ot learn to sing and play guitar.It’s always been what Ive wanted to do.


When you started Late Night Alumni, you were originally doing another project that was more an an indie/folk-pop deal, how long were you doing that prior to Late Night Alumni?

B) Actually I started that after LNA. I didn’t start that project till about 2006. It’s been more of just my creative outlet with some of my friends and cousins. It’s kind of just been somewhere where I can be a little bit more bizarre and a little bit more indie. But I also love the LNA side of my career. It’s just gone on so crisp and so professional and really well done. When I work with LNA, it’s a very different process, but it’s awesome.


What do you think you would have been doing if it weren’t for music?

B) (Laughs) We’ve actually had this question before.

J) Back to what Becky said, she’s been wanting to do this her whole life. As for myself, I’ve never had another job. But as a joke between us, it would probably be something in the fast food industry (both laugh.) With all the other skills I’ve developed thats about where I’d be.

B) I worked as a graphic designer as a day job for a long time so I’d probably still be doing that. Or making cup cakes. But I think that trend has kind of gone down. There was a really big ccake explosion but I think I missed it.


So you’re bringing a little boy into the world! Congratulations. How long do you expect to take a break for?

B) Thank you! I think we’ll probaly do atleast a few months. Probably till the end of summer. Thats what we’re hoping as long as everything goes well. So that’s the plan. But we’ll be doing other things in the meantime, some LNA stuff in general.


Are you going to do anything special when you come back like another tour?

B) Well we definitely are gonna get back on the road, although we haven’t really organized another tour.

J) We have a few secret plans that we’re hoping will go through. We’re going to hit it very hard and take it very seriously here in the fall. We’ve got a few surprises but we can’t talk about them.


Well Becky and John it’s been a pleasure chatting with you and I thank you very much for taking time out of your day to chat with us. Hopefully I’ll see you guys soon!

J) No, thank you!

B) No problem!



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