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Words By: Brittany Gaston

Working harder than ever, this top-ranking EDM artist delivers his fourth full-length studio album WKND (Ultra Music/Flashover) on February 24th.

After just over 20 years as a DJ and producer of international acclaim, one would think FERRY CORSTEN deserves a rest or at least a vacation. Such is not the case. With knockout, radio-friendly vocal songs as well as the underground club anthems CORSTEN’s worldwide fans have come to desire; WKND is an album for the ages! EDM Magazine was honored to speak with the Dutch export to discuss his music and the current explosion of dance in the U.S.  www.ferrycorsten.com

EDM: Does WKND sound like your original vision? Or did you take a few detours?

FERRY CORSTEN: My original vision is to always be creative or try to be as original as possible. So, just like my previous albums, I start from scratch and have no clue where I will end up! The only thing that I kept in mind was that I wanted to create a weekend feeling, hence the name, WKND. On the weekends, people relax and enjoy themselves in whatever ways, and that is how I want the people to feel when they listen to WKND.

EDM: The many tracks on the album take on a broader, genre-bending tone. Is this where your production style is going?

FERRY CORSTEN: I have always experimented with my sound and I try to find the edges of genres. I have always done this and it’s no different on WKND.

EDM: How do you want people to feel after they hear your album?

FERRY CORSTEN: The title of the album says it all. I want people to get that weekend feeling where they feel relaxed and have a good time. I really hope I can give people this feeling wherever they are listening to the album.

EDM: Were there any other album names that you played around with? Do you hate vowels?

FERRY CORSTEN: [laughs] No, I don’t hate vowels, but I like to hear people stutter. [laughs] I had the title in mind for a long time, and I knew that I was going to use it from the start.

EDM: Trance is still the most listened-to genre globally, but this past year we saw house music making a solid fight for the top. How do you think this trend will progress this year, and years to come? Do you think it will affect the trance genre?

FERRY CORSTEN: A lot of the genres are really blending with each other. You can hear so many trance elements in house tracks, and the other way around. I think that the genres will keep blending more and more with each other. I’m not too sure how this will affect trance or any other genre. I think trance will only be affected in a bad way if it doesn’t adjust itself to the current trends.




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