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The first female to make a compilation for the legendary label, Yoshitoshi Recordings. Miss Nine has proven she has what it takes to make it in the world of mixing.

She’s performed at Ultra Music Festival three years in a row, was the youngest artist at Holland’s Dance Valley Festival, and has shared the stage with the biggest names in EDM in the world’s most elite night clubs. A model for Levi’s and now the face of Pioneer’s 350 series, Miss Nine sat down with EDM Magazine before a performance in Miami to tell us about her early years learning to DJ, her label 925 Digital, and her upcoming projects and shows.

[EDM] I read you became a resident at the famous Motion parties just months after you learned how to DJ?

[Miss Nine] Yes! After three months of learning how to DJ my friend arranged for me a gig in Holland on Queen’s Day in 2003. I loved it and I kept going with it. The organization, Motion, saw me and asked me to join them. I was a resident DJ there so I was able to open for big A-list acts and slowly grew into the scene.

[EDM] How did you get familiar with mixing over such a short span of time?

[Miss Nine] I started with vinyl. It’s different compared to when you perform with CDs or USB sticks.  You really have something in your hands and the sound’s a little bit different. In my free time I would just work on mixes. There was also a book; I believe it was something such as, ‘How to be a DJ.’ I read some parts of it.

[EDM] What was the most difficult aspect of learning?

[Miss Nine] The listening. You have one track in one ear. In the other, you hear from the monitor speakers and you have to listen in your head by taking two different records and bring them together. In the beginning it was difficult but I practiced a lot. I spent hours in the studio behind the decks and then one day, there it was. I just kept going.

[EDM] You’re best known as a progressive house artist. Was that what you originally started with?

[Miss Nine] I started with commercial house. Then I started to play a little bit deeper. Nowadays, it’s a mix that is sometimes a deeper set or sometimes more uplifting, more feminine. It’s always a very energetic and positive vibe.

[EDM] You were the youngest performer at Dance Valley in Holland. How did it feel to be performing among long time players in the world of EDM?

[Miss Nine] I was very excited. It was the 10th edition of Dance Valley. It’s an outdoor festival where you can cruise around the different stages and the sun is shining and everyone is totally in the mood. I was right in the middle of it and it was amazing, a great experience.

[EDM] You’re part of a small but growing population of female DJs. What’s been the best thing about being a girl in this field?

[Miss Nine] I have all the guys for myself! HAHA! It’s fun though. The guys see me as one of them. They support me in every way they can, whether production-wise or when we see each other at a festival or at an airport, we say “Hi!” It’s like we’re one big family.

[EDM] Why don’t you think there are more female DJs?

[Miss Nine] I don’t know. It’s quite a physical job with all the traveling and time zone changes. Guys have much stronger bodies. These days though, the job of a DJ is so popular and it’s more fun compared to ten years ago.

[EDM] Where do you find inspiration?

[Miss Nine] My inspiration comes from traveling. I work out a lot outside like running and things just pop into my mind. When I’m in the plane or when I’m with friends and family, ideas come and I write them down. Then in the studio, we work them out. I’m currently working on collaborating with artists for some singles. We usually just meet and the ideas come up.

[EDM] How do you choose who you want to collaborate with?

[Miss Nine] I have a list of artists I want to work with and when the time is good I might contact them. Some of them I’ve already contacted and we are working on projects.

[EDM] In addition to producing and performing, you also have your own label, 925 Digital. What’s the process of managing a label like?

[Miss Nine] Sometimes it can be very stressful because you have to think of everything. You have to upload the tracks to Beatport. You have to work out copyrights. Now, I have someone who helps me with that. I love having a label though and I love to put music out and bring music to the people. It [the label] is my little baby.

[EDM] Are you excited about any upcoming projects?

[Miss Nine] I’m doing a big Asia tour starting off in Australia and going to South Korea, India, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. Its fun, India has a very upcoming scene. Those people dance as if it’s their last day. China has always been in there and Korea goes nuts! People scream, they jump, and they go crazy. It’s like a rock concert in a club when you play for them.  It’s fantastic!

Miss Nine’s monthly radio show, Nine Sessions, is available as a free podcast on iTunes.

To keep up with the latest news of Miss Nine, log onto http://www.miss-nine.com/



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