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Spokane, Washington had the honor of hosting the next stop of the Dead Meat tour and presented a great show this past Monday.

The cold and rainy night didn’t stop loyal fans from attending despite living a couple of hours away.  Both the atmosphere in the club and the mood of the people was just a screaming “EPIC”.  As fans were enjoying some drinks with friends before the show at the venue’s bar or just standing in line happily waiting for the doors to open up; the people were getting amped up for what was sure to be a memorable night.

Standing by the entrance, everyone had their eye on the doors, waiting for them to open. Eager to get in and start enjoying the night everyone lined up, pulled out their ticket and walked in once the ushers opened the doors, bouncing and weaving in the crowd. The honor to open up was left at the skillful hands of Dj Beauflexx.  As the local favorite and opening act, he had the pleasure to welcome all the artists and fans to Spokane.  As people were entering the Knitting Factory’s stage area, they were already jumping with joy and energy to burn to the serious beats of Beauflexx.  Within minutes of the doors opening, the night was in full affect.

By the time special guests Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike got on to the stage, the crowd was warmed up and ready to party. Doing what they do best, they set off on a tremendous experience and kicking up the night a couple of notches. With an array of hard hitting drops that seem to attract even the furthest person in the club, the duel was setting things just right for their following artist. For those present over the legal drinking age were given the opportunity to walk up to the second floor and enjoy the show while having their choice of beverage. The second floor provided attendants the “eye in the sky” feel for the event.  Either on top of the venue or on the dance floor, by now each fan is strapped in for the rest of the rollercoaster ride.

With an almost seamless break, Datsik was quick to start and did not skip a beat.  All those where standing by waiting for the “big” moment to happen were just rushing to the front and jamming out. Like there was nothing to stop him, he quickly put the audience into an almost hypnotic state with his music. Jumping up and down the audience loved every second of it giving up every possible space upfront to be closer.  They had sweat dropping down their faces, not sure if they could go on when all of the sudden they heard the unique and upbeat sounds of Steve Aoki. There was not one soul that wouldn’t lift up off the floor. All those who were holding on to their drink suddenly dropped it and made sure to have a front row seat to the grand finale roller coaster of the night. Not being one to shy away Steve Aoki put his tracks on play and just moved right to the mayhem.

Steve Aoki’s performance was the game changer for the night bringing out bottles of cranberry juice, water and champagne. The show looked like it would not stop. At one moment he jumped from the second floor to an awaiting inflatable raft. Rushing to his turntables, he quickly jumped on to the next track. Not wanting to hold back, he grabbed a couple of cakes that he had on the side of the stage, throwing them into the crowd. All those who were up in front opened their arms and took the cake to the face very proudly.  It seemed like there was nothing that could top that but then Steve brought up his guests Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and all of them popped some bottles of champagne, marking the closing of what some might agree with was an EPIC night.  But the fans were not going to go home that easily.  All the fans started chanting “encore” over and over and sure enough Steve Aoki ran up to the front and gave them the closing the requested. A closing that only Steve Aoki can provide.

 By:  Hamill “Jay” Cruz 



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