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Martin Bijelić, better known as Beltek, has arrived to the United States with massive progressive house beats in full force.

Spending a decade to harness his craft, Beltek’s “golden touch” sparked the attention of electronic music veterans such as, Tiesto, Pete Tong, Gareth Emery and Armin van Buuren. With his hit productions from “Go!” to “Party Voice!” along with his incredible stage presence, Beltek is ready to show the U.S. what he’s capable of.

EDM Magazine is excited to get to know Beltek and share his thoughts regarding his Music Is The Answer Tour.

[EDM] Which city anywhere in the world do you think is the most receptive to your individual sound right now?

[Beltek] I love playing all over the world. Every city is a different experience and different story. There’s always something one city has to offer that another one doesn’t and vice versa. So, I tend to draw inspiration from every place I visit.

However, if I needed to pinpoint just one city that is closest to my sound it would probably be Miami. The hype during my set this past Ultra Music Festival (UMF) was just incredible.

[EDM] Are there any new tracks (original or somebody else’s) that you’re particularly excited to drop?

[Beltek] Yes, I just finished 2 of my biggest original tracks so far and I can’t wait to test them out on my US Tour! Of course, I will also play my fresh remix that I did just recently for Booka Shade on Dim Mak Records, plus a bunch of my own mash ups. I can’t wait.

[EDM] You’ve been praised as one of the leading artists in progressive house right now, but you’ve also been played and complimented by artists such as UMEK for your more tech-house sounding tracks. What is your favorite brand of house to perform and what is your favorite to produce?

[Beltek] My sound is and always will be progressive house for sure! Collaborations with different artists on tech-house tracks were my side projects, as I always like to try some new things. I like all sorts of house music, from electro, progressive, etc. However, my main project still remains working hard on my Beltek progressive house sound that I have been known for.

[EDM] Do you prefer festival settings or club settings? Large crowd or smaller, more intimate?

[Beltek] I don’t prefer one over another. I love playing in small clubs as much as huge festivals, but it really depends on a lot of different things when you arrive in the DJ booth. First important thing for me is a good sound system. The second thing is that you must read the crowd as good as you can, and play them the right tracks at the right time. The third is that the warm up DJ before you is serving the crowd with some nice easy going tracks that are meant as an anticipation builder for clubbers, so they can expect even more from the main performer of that night. The thing I really dislike are warm up DJs who play all sorts of music hits, maybe even one of your tracks to top it all off.  The fourth important thing is of course the crowd itself. The crowd is the reason you are up there and I always do my best to give them as much as I can. It’s my goal to blow their mind and exceed their expectations.

[EDM] What do you hope audiences take away from this upcoming US Tour?

[Beltek] My main goal of this tour is to have fun and to present my own sound to the crowd. I get a lot of crazy energy when I’m up in the DJ booth playing tracks, and therefor I try to bring that energy on the dance floor as well, so I can become one with the crowd.

[EDM] What are three things you never go on tour without?

[Beltek] Laptop, headphones and a bottle of my favorite drink. 🙂

[EDM] Who are your five favorite artists of the moment? (underground and/or mainstream)


  • Arty – Amazing producer which just keeps getting better and better
  • Porter Robinson – He brought a lot of freshness in the music industry with his latest tracks.
  • Dada Life – I have been playing Dada’s tracks for many years now and I really love their  own unique sound.
  • Steve Aoki – The father of Dim Mak Records.
  • Tiesto – Simply the biggest DjJlegend ever and the one who also happens to be one of the biggest supporters of my tracks

[EDM] If you could pick a defining moment in your career as an electronic artist so far, what would it be?

[Beltek] For me there are two actually. The first breakthrough in my career was when I won Pete Tong’s producer contest in 2008 with my track Copacabana. The second big moment for me was actually this year when I got picked by Ultra Music Festival to make my track Party Voice the official remix competition track of the festival.



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