Armin van Buuren Discusses His Distaste For the Commercialization of EDM

Armin van Buuren Discusses His Distaste For the Commercialization of EDM

Armin van Buuren may have handed over the world’s number one DJ crown to his countryman Hardwell, but the Dutch star is still very much at the top of his game


The trance veteran found time to sit down with Uk’s Digital Spy in Amsterdam to discuss the evolution and recent explosion of EDM.

“I grew up listening to disco. I actually just met Giorgio Moroder here in Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Music Festival. What a hero! Disco was the foundation for a lot of electronic music that is popular right now. Giorgio Moroder has had a massive influence on trance music. I think a lot of artists will say the same thing. The disco generation was definitely the spark for the whole EDM movement that is happening now.

“I want to stress that what is happening now is not just a hype or phenomenon. A lot of people thought that it would go over, but now it has spread like a virus through all kinds of other current musical genres. Even pop music is using a lot of electronic ways to make music. I think when we look back at history, at this time, I think we will see that it is like what happened with The Beatles in the ’60s. It’s happening again with electronic music.

“If you listen to US pop radio you will hear a lot of EDM, and I’m not saying that is necessarily a good thing by the way. There are good and bad sides to the commercialisation of the genre. We cannot turn our heads from the fact that it is moving a generation of people and it is a cultural phenomenon like what happened with The Beatles, only it doesn’t have a face as much as it did with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

Armin also express his  distaste  for the integration of EDM in contemporary pop music.

“On a very personal level I don’t know if I’m happy with every commercial collaboration between electronic dance music acts and hip-hop and R&B. It’s not something I would put on for my enjoyment. It’s not going to go away, whether I like it or not. It opens a lot of doors. For example, you can love or hate David Guetta, but the fact is that he has opened a lot of doors for all of us.”


Source: Digital Spy



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  1. Roy NightClub DJ

    January 28, 2014 at 2:49 pm

    Its funny that Armin would say this after putting out what would be considered a POP album not a trance album last year. For being the world’s #1 trance DJ, he plays a lot of watered down EDM in his sets.


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