Black Caviar Delivers A Tasty Bit Of ‘Coco’

Black Caviar Delivers A Tasty Bit Of ‘Coco’
Tomas Serrano

Black Caviar, New York City based duo, just released a new track on the notorious Casablanca Records, a label with a long history in the dance music world, newly relaunched in 2000. Troy Hinson and Jarred Piccone (Black Caviar) already have a good number of tracks on , but it looks like 2018 will be a very special year for the artists.

Their music varies, from deep house to dance; some of the tracks are filled with rough trap elements, big bass kicks and multiple layers, while the others (just like ‘Coco’) have house music sound and more melodic tunes. All the music released by Black Caviar definitely has a dynamic flow, and each track deserves your attention.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 2.35.54 PM

‘Coco’ is a funky, shaky track with a fabulous flute line and funny lyrics. It is catchy with a good rhythm and flow, and the insanely entertaining music video will make you quite thirsty.

A developing rhythm builds up to a nice drop with the energetic drum line continuing an upbeat rhythm. A quite chill, mild, deep male voice gives some extra spice to the track while the flute element, which is frequently used by many artists, but truly completes this track with a gentle touch.

It’s out now, enjoy it!

By Tatiana Gorshkova



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