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“What is a rave?” Judge Judy discovers dance culture, does not approve

“What is a rave?” Judge Judy discovers dance culture, does not approve

Renowned TV curmudgeon Judge Judy recently discovered what Electric Daisy Carnival is, and safe to say she does not approve.

Earlier today Gawker picked up the clip from a recent episode of the famed daytime show, in which the gavel-wielding grump berates people silly enough to air their minor legal problems in her televised courtroom.

This time, Judy is questioning face-tattooed plaintiff Talina Apodoca, who says that she was working at EDC in Las Vegas. “What’s that?” asks the judge. “A rave.” “WHAT?” There follows some confusion about what a rave actually is, with Judge Judy asking her bailiff to explain. “A party,” he says. “It’s a music festival,” puts in the defendant, who’s taken his styling tips from the Aryan Brotherhood…“a concert.”

Judy has a go at the plaintiff for working at a “two-day wave” instead of working a 9 to 5 office job like normal, non-face-tattooed people, ending the clip with a signature dismissive wave. Watch below and see 72 year-old Judge Judy encounter EDM for the very first time.




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