Groove Cruise Themes: What to Wear and How to Prepare

Groove Cruise Themes: What to Wear and How to Prepare
Matt Bolton

With the Groove Cruise Miami 2019 inching closer, it’s time to talk about the best part of the cruise; the outfits! Each year, the Groove Cruise creates eight unique themes, designed to create an unforgettable experience. Some people spend all year preparing their outfits while others wait until the last minute, regrettably so.

The Groove Cruise is a remarkable 96-hour journey filled with non-stop music with over 40 world-renowned artists, theme parties, destination events, and incredible stage productions – all on a massive cruise ship.


Here’s a list of all eight themes you’ll find on board and how to prepare for each one.


Color Me – Day 1 Boarding

Per tradition, you’ll start the party off by representing your official GC veteran status by wearing a certain color. Colors are based on how many GC’s you’ve been on and are as follows:

Virgins (First timers) must wear white to show off their sweet, innocent purity of having never been on the cruise before.

Two Timers will wear yellow

3-5 Timers will wear blue

6-7 Timers will wear green

8-9 Timers will wear red

10 or more will wear orange

You can be as bland or creative as you want with this one. No need to go all out as you’ll spend most of the time boarding and getting settled in. You can wear something as simple as a t-shirt or as extravagant as a full on colorful costume, but you likely won’t spend more than a couple hours in your first outfit. Just be sure to wear the right color, so everyone knows how “experienced” you are.


Wild, Wild West – Day 1 Night

Once the sun sets and the boat is in motion, it’s time to saddle up your horses and giddy on up into your Wild, Wild West outfit. Grab your cowboy hats, chaps, saloon dresses, or outlaw attire for a stompin’ good nighttime hoedown.


For a basic look, men should think jeans, a button up shirt, cowboy boots and a western hat. If you want to go all out, you can slap on some chaps and add some flare with a long duster, vest and a pistol belt for that “gunman” style.


Girls may do the same or get a little more creative. Your outfit can be as simple as a pair of short-shorts and a tied off shirt to a full on Western style saloon dress. Other options include a prairie skirt with lace-up boots, a flouncy ruffled top or a simple button-down that pairs nicely with a denim skirt.


Team up – Day 2 Key West

You’ll want to grab your friends for this one. It simply wouldn’t be the Groove Cruise without the classic Team Up experience, which means you’ll want to get together with your GCFam to create the perfect group theme! It can be something as simple as matching t-shirts to something far out like multiple TREX costumes. The more people you have, the better you’ll all stand out.


Cosplay – Night 2

This one’s not just for the anime fans. For this theme, you can dress as any one of your favorite characters- albeit superheroes or villains, movie or TV leads, video gaming favorites or any other character you love (or love to hate). Your Halloween costumes will most definitely come in handy for this theme as well as save you money.


Winter Wonderland – Day 3 Cozumel

Although it may feel like summer on The Groove Cruise, the beach party in Cozumel will be an enchanting Winter Wonderland. For this theme, you must wear white! Whether it’s snow bunnies, polar bears, snowmen, woodland fairies, snowflakes, rave gear, or swimsuits, the only requirement is to wear all white. Just remember that you’ll be on the beach for this theme, so be sure to wear something comfortable.


Egyptian – Night 3

Get ready to travel back in time to ancient Egypt with this historical theme. Egyptian style represents practicality and indulgence, so you’ll want to create something that’s simple, symbolic, and historical. Plus you’ll need amazing jewelry in order to pull it off.


Men will want to dress like a Pharaoh or deity; think King Tut or even Moses. To start, you’ll need a wrap-round skirt or loincloth tied at the waist with a belt. You won’t need a shirt, but you can add flare with gold jewelry, a colorful headdress and sandals. You can also wear a linen tunic, which you can easily find at costume shops, Amazon or Ebay.


Women will want to dress as queens or goddesses like Cleopatra and Hathor. Women too can wear a white linen tunic or a simple sheath dress. Like men, you’ll want to add an abundance of jewelry, amulets, charms, and a wide collar necklace. Try to stick to gold accessories (as silver was not available) with the occasional turquoise gems and emeralds to spice it up. Don’t forget to do your makeup Egyptian style with nude or red lips, bright flashy eye shadow and dark cat-eye liner.


50 Shades of Disney – Day 4

The erotic wonders of 50 Shades of Grey meets the classic innocence of Disney in this one. Dress up as a delightfully dirty version of your most beloved Disney prince, princess or any of the House of Mouse’s classic cartoon characters. Anything goes on the Groove Cruise so feel free to ruin your childhood with a seductive version of your favorite Disney character.


Studio 54 – Night 4

The last theme of the Groove Cruise Miami 2019 will be Studio 54, where you’ll channel the glitz, glamour and debauchery of 1970s New York City. This theme is dress to impress and since it’s the last theme of the cruise, you’ll want to go all out! Disco dance the night away as your favorite ‘70s celebrity, avant-garde fashion icon, drag queen, or artist as you pop champagne on the dance floor.


Men will want to grab their suit and ties, tight shirts, even tighter pants, platform shoes, and man jewelry. If that’s not your thing, you can opt for a retro cut suit or leather jacket, with wide lapels over a bold pattern dress shirt.


Women’s club style includes flashy halters, plunging necklines, sequin dresses, velvet anything, tube tops, one-shoulder looks, mini’s, maxi’s and anything skin tight. Add lots of glitter, a pair of 70s stilettos or platform shoes, and tons of glitzy jewelry for a superior retro style. The key to nailing this look is effortlessness and a dose of rich-nonchalance with an attitude that reeks of confidence.


For any and all of your costume ideas, you can go to any of your local costume shops or shop online via Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, or an online rave shop. Groove Cruise has partnered with where you can save an additional 10 percent off your purchase by using discount code “groovecruise.” Plus, they’ve already put together costume ideas for each one of the groove cruise themes to help you out.

Happy shopping my friends and I can’t wait to see what you’ve all come up with!


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