Behind The Scenes With The Voice Behind ‘Fatal’ On Maxximize Records – Drew Ryn

Behind The Scenes With The Voice Behind ‘Fatal’ On Maxximize Records – Drew Ryn
Matt Bolton

Many fans describe Drew Ryn as the voice of this generation. Recognized by millions worldwide, she has amassed an impressive and loyal fan base. From her Top 6 finish on the debut season of The X-Factor, to her massive Youtube following and her ever-growing roster of EDM releases – Drew is proof that music unites and we got to speak to her briefly about her upcoming release Fatal with Wasback & Maeva set for release on Maxximize Records.

1. Your vocals on Fatal are nothing short of breathtaking. Whats the story behind this record?

When I got the song there were these dark mysterious melodies calling for a twisted love story! When people fall deeply for someone they shouldn’t, they often take lethal doses of that “love.” In the song I talk about shooting up on this love and it begins running completely wild through my veins. It paints the perfect addiction to someone! The song is really a metaphor of what desire and passion look like.

2. Do you have any other big releases planned for 2019?

I have some big surprise releases coming up with some amazing DJ’s, so be looking out for those. Along with a bunch more Electronic songs, I also have my artist project I’m working on in the pop world. I’m excited to be releasing pieces of my music in multiple facets and genres.

3. You were on the X-Factor in 2011. What was your experience?

I loved it. Mostly because I was on Simon Cowell’s team, and he’s the one to have on your side when it comes to television! The experience really skyrocketed my relationships in the music industry. Being on the Top-6, I was able to meet some of the most wonderful people who, to this day, are to thank for some of my biggest moments. I’m mostly just grateful for what I was able to learn about myself, though. Being in the spotlight really pushes you to decide who you want to be, and to not stray from that.

4. In early 2015, you were invited to speak at TEDx. How did that come about?

My good friend and author of “Love, Skip, Jump” and “Ridiculous Faith” Shelene Bryan invited me to do a speech about the theme, which was “Living a ridiculous life.” Coming from reality TV, all I knew was this ridiculously amazing life that provided my dreams and more, but a topic no one expected a teen to talk about was the ridicule that comes with the lux life of TV and music. My topic was “When You Live a Ridiculous Life, Expect Ridicule.” That is just it, don’t run from your dreams, and don’t hate what comes with them at time. Just learn what to expect, and learn how to take back your crown!

5. What are your plans for 2019? Can you give us any sneak peeks of things to come?

Along with touring almost full time through the end of next year, I have some really cool features coming up with incredible musicians. Something a lot of people may not know about me is that I also love public speaking and am majorly involved in an anti-bullying organization called “The National Anti-bullying Project.” Changing lives is the real dream here.

6. We understand you’re very heavily involved in the Anti-Bullying Tour: Allstar Nation Tour. How has being a part of that brought inspiration to you?

The Allstar Nation Tour is a music and public speaking tour that goes all around the U.S. putting on full production concerts (I mean lasers, lights, hazers, it is AWESOME) for teenagers. We are able to make a breakthrough with the bullying epidemic by connecting the dots between the “flawless and perfect” music industry and teens everywhere. When artists break down that wall of perfection and show others that they go through the exact same trials, it helps put it in perspective that you’re not alone and can achieve amazing things too, no matter how damaged or scarred you might be. Damaged is the new perfection. No great leader had it easy, and helping people through their trials is really just the search for new leaders all over the world.

7. Whats the message you want to portray to your fans?

Be yourself, and don’t give a damn. Can I say damn? But mostly, just don’t be your own enemy, and work hard not to be anyone else’s either. There’s room for all of us to achieve at least one thing that makes us proud in this lifetime.

Follow Drew Ryn at her website:www.therealdrew.com/




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