Tap Into One Of The Minds Behind Club Space Miami

Tap Into One Of The Minds Behind Club Space Miami
Tomas Serrano

Miami Music Week is no doubt one of the brightest events in the Electronic Dance Music world. As Ultra celebrates it’s 20th Anniversary, the whole city transforms into a huge platform for multiple events, showcases and pup-up parties. Our friend Tatiana Gorshkova had the chance to meet with a variety of influential people in our scene that have dedicated their lives to bringing music to the fans, and for the first of her encounters she joins David Sinopoli of Club Space Miami.


-Hi David, thank you for making some time to meet during this extremely hectic conference week! Where are you from, tell us a little bit about your background?

I am from the northeast and lived in Gainesville for 10 years, then moved to Miami about eight years ago.

Paradise party mmw day 2.-4

-What do you do here in Miami?

I am one of the partners at club Space, and I own a festival called III Points Fest. It’s a multi-genre festival in Wynwood that is 6 years old and last year
headlined it. This is a five-stage 40,000 person festival. It was in October and we’re moving it to February next year. I got involved with David and Coloma (Link Miami Rebels) through the mutual events that we do together and the three of us took over Space in December of 2016.

space dancers dirtybird, day 3 mmw

-Tell us more about Space, David. We all know how epic this place is. What is Space is preparing for the club-goers this year?

We’re always programming and preparing something new – weekly. The line-up for the next three months is out. We have a music venue downstairs where we’ve been doing a lot of live shows at, and then there is a place called Floyd that we’ve been doing smaller acts in the 150-200 person room – held by the same operation – and that has been going on for about a year now.

-Who is your favorite artist to work with so far?

Hmmm… probably Jamie Jones or Richie Hawtin. It’s different for me. I like working with professionals & the teams that are on it.

-What about your favorite artist music wise?

I like Nicolas Jaar, James Blake, Jaimie xx.

-What was the most memorable party for you at Space?

Paradise party mmw day 2.3

Probably Solomun closing set during Art Basel December 2017. He played for over 30 hours! It’s probably one of the best parties we’ve done there. Also, Jack Master and Midland B2B – two top parties for me.

-Are you guys open to new talent?

Yes, always. It depends what it is, what it sounds like, but yes, we’re always open to new talent.

-These days there is a boom of female DJs – do you have any favorites? Do you think discrimination is present?

To me, truly, it is not about male or female. As long as the music is great, I really don’t give a sh*t. I’m aware that we’re in a male dominated business and that I need to be consciously aware of that. But I think most of the female artists want to just be treated the same in that same vein, which is why we have to program the best music possible. If it’s a woman or a man or transgender artist – it doesn’t really matter. It’s all about the music.

dirtybird, mmw day 3 a

-What other parties do you like to attend in Miami? If you’re going out for the night – where would you go?

Probably something really low key. If the Pickle (Electric Pickle) books something cool, I’ll go. Or if there is something that I really, really love, I’ll go for that. But most of the time (because business is very intense and I have been around really intense energy) most of the stuff I do is very laidback, like a low key bar or going to the beach.

-Does Space plan any boat parties?

No, but we have done that before. One year we did a boat party with Life and Death and DJ Tennis – and that was cool – but our hands are full with the club and the festival I have to focus on.

Paradise party mmw day 2.- 1

-Does your industry work affect your personal life?

Yes (laughing) 100 percent.

-How many hours a week you normally work?

It’s hard to say as I am never really “not working”. I keep a pretty strict office life Monday to Friday from 10/11am till 6/7pm. I take Wednesdays off. The club is open through Saturday, so I try to wrestle on Saturday. I go to the club when I have to & take Sunday to rest and recuperate.

I am the young man that wants to solidify a lot of my foundational, financial or career success right now, and I think I’ll get to my personal life after that. Having a relationship in this business, it’s not that it’s impossible, but it’s never really worked out. If I’m going to give myself to somebody, they need my full attention and I don’t have that right now. The partner always expects full engagement and I am very much in a VERY committed relationship with my job right now.

Space Invaders - MMW Day 4

-Throughout your career, have you ever felt as if you are done with this business?

It’s happened. When I was younger it happened at 25 or 26 years of age. I had a lot of financial turmoil and, I think I blamed the industry for it, as opposed to really looking at myself. So, I took a little break and I got into working for non-profits and things like that. I got into wearing a suit to work, being at a desk and working for other people. But I f*cking hated my life. I came back to it with a different approach and I think a lot of what I didn’t do right in my early twenties, mid-twenties, allows me to be aware of certain things now. I think it’s allowed me to have a lot of success.

-Who is performing at Space this weekend?

Right now, Jamie Jones is playing. The “Paradise” party will go until 8 pm today, then we close down for a couple hours, then we open at 11:00 and Claude VonStroke and the Dirty Bird guys will be taking over the club for the next day. We’re also going to have Maceo Plex, Black Madonna, DJ Tennis and ME, Marco Corolla and Martinez Brothers.

Paradise party mmw day 2.2

-Space is a lot of fun, but have you guys had any accidents happen?

Primarily it’s about creating a safe, comfortable place for people to enjoy music, but operating an after-hours club has so many things that can happen to be ready for.

-Do you think people who have worked in the industry can help prevent accidents from happening?

Such as life, you can’t control anything you know. We can be prepared and precautious for when unfortunate sh*t happens during the parties. There’s TONS of precautions that we take on every aspect – for the security & safety of our patrons. When things happen you have to react to them calmly & professionally. We keep our guys mindset cool at the club so we’re not overreacting on things. We see situations and we handle them with a clear mind. None of us do drugs, and if we do have a couple of drinks, it’s a rarity. So we’re there to operate the place and to make sure that everything goes smooth. We’ve had like 5,000 people go to the club already, and we’re probably going to have another five to ten thousand people go through the club over the weekend. You have to be very on point.

Space Invaders mmw day 4

For the most part, I think a lot of people that own clubs get involved into the ego based activities: the drugs, the women, the bullshit that comes with the club. Cool punk shit that comes with owning a club. We own the club because we love the music and the culture and want to advance Miami further – and that comes with a great responsibility. You have to be very secure about that.


Do you guys do any charity or donation events?

We do a bunch. We do free yoga at 4:20 PM every Saturday on the terrace at Space for the community. And now we do “Adopt the Puppy”. We do toy drives for the kids during Christmas and we’re going to get involved in this halfway house/shelter too. We’ve started getting more involved with stuff like that.


Many thanks David and the team at Space for all you do!



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