Said The Sky Lands Upon Bassmnt SD

Said The Sky Lands Upon Bassmnt SD
Matt Bolton

During the San Diego leg of his latest “Wide Eyed” tour, we had the chance to sit down with Trevor Christensen, the artist behind “Said The Sky”. Diving into his roots, influences, and the journey that has led to him being a highly renowned electronic music artist, making a huge impact in today’s electronic music scene.

Upon first introduction we met not only Christensen, but also his long time friend turned tour manager and fellow performer, Day Gatsby. Christensen and Gatsby first became friends in middle school in their home town of Denver, Colorado. Remaining friends throughout high school, both participated in their high school’s marching band as members of the drum line. This background in marching style drums is apparent in each Said the Sky show as both Christensen and Gatsby layer live marching snares with high caliber production, bringing a unique live element to each performance. Following high school, Christensen and Gatsby parted ways each pursuing a slightly different path before they would reunite later down the road.

Christensen left Denver to attend the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. He was initially drawn by Berklee’s electronic music production classes due to early personal influences by trance and progressive house movements of the late 90’s. After only two semesters at Berklee, he decided that he didn’t want to wait 4 years to dive into his own music production, leaving Berklee and returning to Colorado. Upon return to Colorado he gained employment at his uncle’s PC repair shop, it was through his uncle that he was introduced to award winning audio engineer Chris Cox. Christensen began taking lessons from Cox where he honed his production skills and was introduced to Nick Miller aka “Illenium”, who was also working with Cox at the time. One could argue this congregation of talented individuals is the origin of the melodic bass music movement that is currently sweeping the EDM community.

As mentioned above, Day Gatsby’s path to his current status as an integral member of the Said The Sky team is slightly different than what might be expected. After graduating high school alongside Christensen, Gatsby joined the Colorado Blue Knights, a world class competitive junior drum and bugle corps. After a year of performing with the Knights, Gatsby left Colorado and moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in Acting. After a short time in Los Angeles, Gatsby returned to Colorado where he continued acting lessons and worked a “typical” day to day job. His return to the Said The Sky Project came when Christensen landed his first headlining performance in his hometown. Christensen wanted to do something different and decided to bring four drummers to drum live as a part of the show. Gatsby was one of these drummers and it was his high caliber performance, energy on stage, and his background with Christensen that landed him his position as part of the Said The Sky team.

With Christensen’s complex and emotionally moving productions, it is no surprise that he has attracted the attention of other well known artists, working with Illenium, Seven Lions, 3LAU, and 1788-L, to name a few. His most recent album release, “Wide-Eyed”, takes the listener through a journey of highs and lows, something anyone would relate to. Featuring talented vocalists such as Kwesi, Claire Ridgely, and Diamond eyes, Christensen has crafted something truly magical.

Make sure to follow along with Said The Sky on social media as he completes the second half of his Wide Eyed tour, bringing an unforgettable experience to his fans throughout the U.S. and Canada. And keep an eye out for future releases as Christensen and his team soar to new heights in the EDM community.


Written by:

Curran Kay & Natasha Toves



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