Crookers are a creation of two Italian artists, one from Omegna, the other from Milan. The pair met while exploring dance music outside their individual genres creating a taste like no other, combining: rap, house, fidget, street style, and trance. A very functional and delicious flavor engineered to flow thru the best Italian and European underground clubs.


5/10 Andrea “Bot” Frantangelo     5/10 Francesco “Phra” Barbaglia
A dash of Southern Fried Records/Interscope  Records/Fool’s Gold Records/Potty Mouth Music/3ème Bureau

Pour the chill “Bot” and “Phra” into a mix of various artists ranging from AC/DC, Kid Cudi, U2, Will I Am, Lady Gaga and many others.
Stir until mixed and what you’ll get is a depth of remix like no other. Serve.

I know you both have a musical history that started at a young age. When did you both get into music and how did you transition into the duo you’ve become today? 
“We both started as little kids with classical music, playing the piano and studied all types of instruments from the drums to guitar.
We both went into very different directions musically after that, whether it would hip-hop, punk rock, or metal. We’re always interested in any type music, and blend our influences together.”

How would you describe the evolution of your sound, and what made you evolve in that way?
“We just produce music what we enjoy and feel at the moment. Our sound is always influenced by what we’re listening to. It’s more of a natural evolution then something that you plan.”

What are some artists that inspire you right now? 
“What inspires us right now? Well artists like OZ, and just a lot of ‘African style’ types of music, with a lot of rhythmic beats.”

When you first started as a group, would you say it was hard to break out with your sound within the music scene in Milan?
“It was easier to breakout outside of Italy in the beginning.  Thanks to the internet, probably. If we limited our music exposure to just Italy it really wouldn’t have been so easy.”

How does each of you play a role in your production process?
“We do half and half via the internet. We don’t live in the same city, so it’s difficult to reach each other.  But, in the last period, we worked together to finish the Dr. Gonzo album in a group setting. It was very fun!”

What track do you feel represents your style, right now?
“Can we say two? Okay, “Bust ‘Em Up” and the song, “Hummus” both are on our Dr. Gonzo Album. They’re both two different directions, but we feel like they equally represent what ‘Crookers’ is right now.”
You guys are known for some amazing remixes, but which remix are you most proud of?  “I guess we would have to say Day N’ Nite – But maybe not.  We are really proud of them all. We are happy with everything that we do, and we cannot choose just one. Every track has its own little story.”

Which remix did you have the most fun producing? “Well, which was the interview you had the most fun?”
This one!“Oh, cool! So we’re going to do a remix for you! With the vocals in this interview! HAHA!”
We’ll send you the audio!  HAHA! “It’s going be great and colorful! HAHA!”

Do you guys have any side projects that you pursue alone or with another person?
“We’re doing some other stuff, but we cannot say the names. It’s very secret.”



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