Lisa Lashes School of Music Offers Students Tuition Free Approach to the Music Biz

Lisa Lashes School of Music Offers Students Tuition Free Approach to the Music Biz
Matt Bolton


Lisa Lashes has been a fixture on the electronic music landscape for many years, an artist and DJ who has enjoyed success and fame doing something that she loves. Fast forward to 2018 and a chance meeting brought Lisa together with her now business partner, Deborah Hewitt, both of whom shared similar ambitions to create a music school that was available to everyone. The government in the UK soon came aboard, funding the school and allowing the women to develop a program that actually readies students for a career in music.

Oh, and it’s free.

What was the inspiration for the school?

– Deborah; Lisa and I met back in May of 2018 as my son attended Lisa’s under 18’s workshop in Leicester. The energy and vibe was electric and the kids were so incredible engaged! The day program was being offered for free and all of the team were donating there time to give back to the new generation. Lisa and I just clicked and by the following week we had decided to move forward with the idea of a free school to students of all ages and especially for students who have really struggled through the school system and need some atonal support and direction.

How do you find learners?

– Social media has played a big part in the promotion of the school and working with the fantastic team that we have at PTS training academy we engage with the local community in Northampton for the offer of a placement. Having the school housed within the Platform club is a great talking point too as its such a creative place for the team to learn and grow in.

What sort of classes do you offer?

  • Learning to DJ  (which we have 100% success rate! )
  • Music Production
  • Event Management
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Branding/Logos
  • Interview techniques
  • Radio presenting
  • Personal Profiling

And a curriculum of 12 weeks worth of amazing classes to ready the learner to a music industry opening where possible.

Is there an age limit?

– No absolutely not as music is the soul of life and you never stop learning so we love the fact that our students are so diverse in age. We will be working with our under 18’s again soon too.  We currently have a 17 year old on the first course alongside a 66 year old.

The school is free for learners, can you tell us how you pulled this off?

– Lisa Lashes School Of Music is working in partnership with PTS Training Academy and we are extremely fortunate to be able to offer government funding for the program. There is nothing else like this on offer that is free, so we know that we are offering a life changing program here.

What careers can graduates expect to be qualified for once they’ve completed the 12 weeks?

– Something that was close to the heart of the school was to give students opportunity to experience a variety of areas within the education of music. With our traineeship which will be happening soon in the London area, learners will be able to see what the industry looks like from the inside, as we look for the relevant work experience in your chosen area.

– We have great connections for the most talented and hard working students and we are working closing with local business to help guide our students to work and progress within music. For some students it’s about building confidence and after they complete our program they are ready to move back into further education.

Do you have plans for other schools?

– We are really excited that we are on a major roll out and have been offered locations throughout the UK and further 😉 so it will not be long until we arrive in a town near you. This is just the beginning of the journey and it’s the right time to open the door for the amazing talent that is out there.

The masterclass is taught be music industry veterans. Who is on the short list to do these classes for you?

– We have a very long list of music industry greats old and new as with my career running for over 20 years Ive pretty much met every international DJ on my travels so my little black book is coming into fruition for the contacts and every artist who knows about the project is happily coming on board.  They understand this is a great creative platform we need in the music industry.

Do you find that students come in with some knowledge about the music industry or are blank canvases?

– We have a sign up form where we ask what experience people have. It varies from person to person and we try to accommodate that by dividing them into classes for beginners and intermediate.

Do you also work with companies to help place graduates into jobs?

– This is our plan and ready opportunities are opening up as we have put many DJ’s into clubs and venues and we have a huge list of clubs and venues happy to open up a slot for a talented School of Music attendee for 2019 including Parklife, WeAre festival, The Gallery MOS and growing daily.

What do you hope students take away from their experience?

– The school is already offering so much more to our students then we could ever of hoped for. We are building a diverse and beautiful community of like-minded people looking to push through and live there life through the medium of music. At a time where mental health is starting to became addressed and the pressure of this fast passed world that we live in, the school has become an opportunity to develop and grow in not only your music but also your well being.

Any final words?

– Check out our website www.lisalashesschoolofmusic.com where you will find a meet the tutors section and also our newly added ‘online’ courses which again is a free course which is the first we know of in the industry.



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