Light The Sky Launches The “Mothership”

Light The Sky Launches The “Mothership”
Tomas Serrano

Forward-thinking producer Light The Sky recently released his debut single “Mothership” featuring revered indie vocalist Eriel Indigo. On “Mothership,” Light The Sky combines forward-thinking, pop-oriented beats with Eriel’s ethereal vocals to create a sonically unique, atmospheric anthem, complemented by a catchy drop and dirty synths. Light The Sky is currently planning a 2018 tour with Eriel, and they are scheduled to make stops at several west coast cities. Light The Sky AKA Atla Gadret is best known for his work as the producer for renowned performance art troupe Lucent Dossier. Atlas’s original music for Lucent Dossier was featured on the main stage of the Sahara tent at Coachella 2016. Read this exclusive interview to find out more about Light The Sky.

Mothership Cover Art

How would you describe your sound?

  • I’m still finding my sound, that’s part of the musical adventure, to explore different styles and instrumentations to create something new and unique. Future bass, electro pop, and dance music, definitely guided by melody. I always think that melody is the most important element of a track.


Atla, what inspired you to produce “Mothership” as your debut release?

  • When I was producing “Mothership” I wanted it to have a feel like been born or waking up to something new, I love that about this track. I usually start writing based on chord changes and melodies that feel musically interesting, then start building on Ableton at my studio. I remember playing the acoustic version with Eriel singing and it sounded amazing so I knew it would be special and would be dope once the electronic version was arranged.


Atla, how did your collaboration with Eriel happen?

  • I reached out to Eriel a few months ago and sent her a demo of the track Then we got together and started working at the studio.


Atla, what is it like to regularly collaborate with Lucent Dossier Experience? What was it like to have your music featured on Saturday night at the Sahara Talent at Coachella 2016?

  • The music collaboration with Lucent is amazing mostly instrumental, cinematic, and very different to what I’m producing now. The music was more like a part of a big puzzle. Now the music is centered and I’m much more connected and focused on creating songs rather then just “tracks.” Performing some of my original songs with Lucent at Coachella was a dream come true. Seeing the vibration of the crowd, I was like shit this is real and it’s working. Now I’m more inspired than ever to release my own original music and my EP in 2018


What inspires you on the daily?

  • Music has inspired me the most, listening to different styles. Also art inspires me a lot exploring seeing things though a different angle. Ultimately it will come back to music and your compositions and what kind of song I’m working at the moment.


What are you planning for 2018?

  • My plan for 2018 is to release new music, a single every couple months including my debut EP. I then plan on putting together a few shows that are a bit more than just a DJ set. I want an artistic experience, something that reflects who I’m am musically and artistically. It’s going to be a bit more be conceptual and focused. I’m so excited!


Interview by Sylvie Barnett



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