Interview: Cory O & Raquel Divar

Interview: Cory O & Raquel Divar
Tomas Serrano

Portland based producer and rap duo Cory O and Raquel Divar recently released their music video for their single “VANDALS”. The track is a UK grime style tune with elaborate double time rhyme schemes and a west coast twist. The music video for “VANDALS” displays high-energy visuals and focuses on Raquel who proves her strength and versatility as a powerful female rapper. Our girl Silvie had a chance to catch up with the duo in support of their recent music video and forthcoming album release scheduled for late 2017.
Cory O & Raquel Divar
1) Where are you both originally from and what got you into music?

Cory: I’m from Portland Oregon. I first got into music when saw some turntables at a house party and I had to get a pair.

Raquel: I’m originally from San Francisco. I got into music as a kid, my older brother was a hip-hop DJ and would make me mixtapes.

2) Who were your musical influences growing up?

Cory: Wu-Tang, Ruff Ryders, Mobb Deep

Raquel: Hieroglyphics, Lil Kim, UGK

3) What drew you towards electronic music in the first place? What sort of music did you start with?

Cory: What drew me to the electronic scene was the party, staying up all night playing music with my friends. I first started DJing hip-hop, house, and breaks in the early 2000’s.

Raquel: I was living in Santa Cruz and a friend gave me an early era dubstep mix CD and I was hooked.

4) What do you call your genre of music? What inspired you to start creating this style of music?

Cory: We don’t have a name for it yet, but we’re combining underground bass music with rap. I’ve always loved rap and heavy bass electronic music so naturally, I started to bring these two genres together.

5) How did you guys (you and Raquel) end up working together?

Raquel: Cory hit me up on SoundCloud like six years ago and sent me some beats. At the time he was making some heavy glitch-hop and I was getting ready to release my first project on a bass music label. I ended up recording three songs from that first beat pack he sent me. Since then we’ve been steady working on music and refining our sound.

6) What is your live performance set up like?

Cory: I use 2 technics 1200’s and a DJM S9 mixer running Serato.

Raquel: I use a TCHelicon VoiceLive Play with a TCHelicon Voice Tone T1 pedal and a Sennheiser 100 series wireless setup.

What is your live performance format like?

Cory: When we perform it’s a party, it’s not your typical rap show or DJ set. It’s a seamless blend of live rap and heavy bass music. It’s hard to describe but definitely something you should check out yourself.

7) What inspired the song title for “VANDALS”?

Raquel: I grew up in the Bay Area and graffiti is a huge part of the culture there, it’s something I really admire and respect. The track is my version of getting up and going all city.

8) What inspired the music video for “VANDALS”?

Cory: When we wrote the song we immediately knew we had to also make a music video for it.

9) What are some things your fans can look forward to in the near future?

Raquel: We’ve been working hard on our album and it should be coming out sometime soon. We’re also gearing up for performances in the fall and winter.

10) What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been told?

Cory: Work smart not hard

11) If you had to create your own mission statement as artists, what would it be? Is there an end-game or particular goal or dream for you that you hope to accomplish?

Cory: Our mission statement is to innovate and levitate.

Raquel: Our main goal is to make music and have fun doing it.



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