Get To Know: Paperwhite

Get To Know: Paperwhite
Tomas Serrano

The dynamic dream-pop duo continues on making eclectically great music and as they prepare for the release of their latest EP through out the summer, we were able to sit with them and find out the intricacies of being ‘Paperwhite’.

Question 1, Are  your songwriting session primarily with both of you or do you collaborate outside of the duo?

Our latest single, Loop, was our first release with another writer! We worked with the ever talented, Amy Allen. Over the past year, we’ve found more and more time for collaboration. It’s something we’re very open to, although we do find that starting and finishing a song just the two of us is a really special process. That will probably remain our most common method of songwriting but we’re excited to continue writing with more talented writers/producers in the future! Collaboration within and outside of Paperwhite is very important to us. 


Question 2.  Your song “ONLY US” really had a major response with over 8 million streams on spotify, How did that song come about

Ben had actually started the instrumental for a completely different project but when I heard it, I instantly felt connected to it. There’s something about the lead melody line that made me immediately happy. I think and hope it’s done that for our listeners as well! 


Question 3 . How would you say you both attending Berklee school of music effected your musical sound?

Our biggest goal in creating music is writing a quality song. One of our key rules is that we refuse to follow a trend at the expense of the song’s integrity. Berklee taught us a lot about our musicality and that you really can have both a solid song and a catchy hook. 


Question 4. you have a very eclectic SPLICE pack which includes percussion, Musical samples, ethereal and pop vocal samples. What was your process in creating this pack?

Ben studied percussion performance at Berklee and I studied vocal performance, so we wanted the core of our pack to showcase both of our strengths and what we feel is essential to our writing process. We wanted to create a pack that hit all the marks – a dream pop essentials pack if you will. For a lot of the drumming samples, we spent the day in the studio recording Ben playing. It was a really fun and interactive process. We started with hundreds of samples and narrowed it down to what we felt would be the most useful!  


Question 5 Do you both have any dream collaborations?

As a writer, I have a growing list of dream collaborations – Janelle Monae, Dua Lipa and Selena Gomez to name a few but as Paperwhite we would love to collaborate with artists like Lauv, Troye Sivan, Flume and Odesza! 


Question 6. Are there any shows schedules this fall?

No shows currently! We’re dying to get some shows on the books though. We’ve been so focused on writing that we haven’t yet taken the time to schedule a proper tour. It’s next on our to-do list! 


Question 7 When will we be hearing some more awesome music from Paperwhite?

Soon! We have a ton of new music to share. We’re in the process of confirming the date of our next release now, so stay tuned!!! 

Thank you EDM Magzine!!!!



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