Get It? Got it? “Go Get It” On Higher Records

Get It? Got it? “Go Get It” On Higher Records
Tomas Serrano

Independent artists Basko and Titus recently collaborated to create “Go Get It,” a melodic urban, next level track out now on Hiiigher Records. Combining Porter Robinson sounding beats with super catchy rap lyrics, their collaboration is a unique, incredibly catchy, and unexpected blend. Starting off as Party Thieves’ intern, Basko is quickly rising up the ranks of the music scene. Titus has also earned a reputation as a prominent urban artist best known for his ability to blend together elements of rap and dance with unique melodies and bars. I recently had the chance to interview to catch up with Basko and in support of the release of their highly addictive new single “Go Get It.”


  1. How did you guys end up collaborating on “Go Get It”?

B: I’ve always wanted to work with Titus and it was honestly pretty random to be honest. Josh was just showing him demos and T liked it, and then a day or two later I got the demo vocals in and I was hooked when I heard it.

T: It was random, but the universe puts things in front of you sometimes, so maybe not?  I was on the road with my manager Josh and my bro DJ lil Bruh the first time I heard it.  Josh was playing some IDs, and unreleased stuff on his phone, and when I heard that one and it was an instant vibe.  Actually I freestyled the bulk of the lyrics & melody in that moment, and since we had the mic setup already from the day before we recorded that freestyle and the rest was magic when I connected with Basko about it.


  1. How would you describe your musical style on “Go Get It”?

B: Melodic rap if I had to guess. It’s kind of a hybrid between future bass and hip-hop but I’ve never been a strong genre expert so I’ll get roasted for this I’m sure.

T:  Heavy melody, with some light flexing over the break in the middle. I try to keep that balance on most songs.

  1. What inspires you?

B: Memories. Things or situations I don’t have in life but want. Also, my family inspires me.  I want to show them I can make something of myself.

T: Chipotle mayo. Nah. Well yeah. But a lot of the time I’m inspired by the production of a track first, it’s like the lyrics manifest themselves from that point.  Plus when I’m high that feeling is intensified, so we gotta be rolling something up. Speaking of that, can we legalize that already?  Fuck. Give the people what they want. I do love chipotle mayo though don’t get it twisted.  Shit is crack.


  1. What has it been like working with Hiiigher Records?

B: It’s been great. Josh is super hands on and always communicative. You don’t get that sometimes with big labels.

T: It’s been cool. Everything’s working smoothly so I’m digging it.


  1. Can you please tell readers a little bit more about your video marketing campaign for “Go Get It”?

B: We are trying to make people more aware of what they really want out of life. If 1,000,000 people or if ten people do it is irrelevant. If someone gets new inspiration to chase his or her goal, we have succeeded.

T: We want people to figure out what it is that they want in life, and inspire others to go get it.  I think a lot of people in life lack that kind of inspiration from people around them on a daily basis. Or they see things on the internet and get discouraged, but really anything is possible you just have to try your hardest to actualize it.


  1. If you could collaborate with any artist right now, who would it be?

B: SO many to name its impossible to pick one. I’d have to go with The Weeknd probably for now vocalist wise. Producer wise, Murda Beatz is killing it.

T: Flume, Earl Sweatshirt, 09 Weezy.


  1. What are some things your fans can look forward to in the near future?

B: Definitely new music and shows soon. Not sticking to one genre either. If I could work with a country singer I’d do it and make it slap haha

T: I’m dropping a project I’ve been working on in the next month or so.  Also have some more collaborations coming out that I’m excited about but I can’t name names just yet, cause I’ll never forgive myself for jinxing it.

  • By Sylvie Barnett


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