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Words By: Alexandra Madison

After a decade of releasing tracks and demos here and there, Andain has finally released their first official album, “You Once Told Me.” The album consists of translucent lyrics and relaxed melodies, with a touch of acoustic elements.

We got the chance to speak with the singer/songwriter, Mavie Marcos, and find out where the beautiful sounds come from.

[EDM] Your music has such deep meaning and beautiful sound, where do you draw inspiration from?

I grew up listening to a lot of music from the Romantic Period; gorgeously heart-wrenching, heavy music. I think early exposure to a complex, but accessible sound gave me a strong foundation of chord movement and melody that helps me write the way I do today.

[EDM] Did you have any difficulties with the album?

Yes would be an understatement. A lot of sh-t went down while we were working on the album. Sometimes it got in the way of our moving forward, and sometimes it inspired great song writing. If an album is going to be an authentic reflection of the life you’re living, well, then a little pain within the process doesn’t necessarily hurt the outcome. It can push and prod you in just the right way.

[EDM] What is your songwriting process like?

Sometimes I sit on the piano and mess around with chords to get things started, but most of the time a melody starts playing in my head and I write it down before my frontal lobe has had any time to judge it.  The best stuff comes out before the thinking part begins. For me, that’s true for writing lyrics as well as writing melody.

[EDM] This is your first album to be officially released since you joined as a group in 2000. Why the long wait?


[EDM] What is your favorite song off the album and why?

“After”.  It’s just so good. It’s got all the good, juicy harmonies I love to write and sing. The story in it is so sad too, but the prettiness in the music uplifts and takes you for a ride. The instrumentation is super simple and cool. When you can get something simple to sound big and interesting, it’s a good feeling.

[EDM] How would you describe your music to someone who has never listened to you before?

A fully-sculpted, electronic brain massage.

[EDM] When did you know that music was the direction you wanted to take in life?

From the time I was a massive ache in my father’s head.



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