DubVision Emerge as The Go-To Producers for 2017

DubVision Emerge as The Go-To Producers for 2017
Matt Bolton

DubVision are becoming one of dance music’s most sought after production duo’s after a string of top-charting collaborations, most recent of which a remix for Martin Garrix called Scared to be Lonely.

The brothers of DubVision, Steve and Victor have been touring and producing for the better part of a decade, often times just below the radar, but now that tide is turning and the music industry at large is sitting up and taking notice of the style and talent that DubVision consistently delivers.

Get to know the next stars of the scene:

Dubvision Logo 2017

How would you describe your style and sound to those who might be new to Dubvision?
Our sound can be described as melodic and emotional. We work very hard on finding good melodies and we like to use vocals too. We want to take the listener on an emotional journey.

As brothers, how do you work creatively in the studio?
Usually we think of ideas separately and then come together and pick the best ones to build on.

What are your strong suits production-wise?
Victor- good in the technicalities of production, Stephan- good at making concepts and melodies.

Your sound has evolved from a few years ago, to what do you attribute the changes?
Our sound has evolved because we feel an artist should never make the same music throughout their whole career. We want to keep challenging ourselves and our fans with new kinds of music but we want to keep it as “DubVision” as possible.

There are many DJs in the world so what sets Dubvision apart from the pack?
We put a lot of effort in our production. We are perfectionists. We strive not to just make a club banger, but a song that sticks and leaves you with some type of feeling.

In your travels, do you experience a need to radically modify your sets to meet fans
expectations? If so, where and how do you meet this challenge?

We make and play music that we really like. We trust that our fans support the music that we like.

Artists are notorious for being vague when it comes to aligning with any particular genre- do you think this helps or hurts with building a fan base and tell us why or why not.
It helps to stick to one genre so people know what to expect and feel connected but at some point as an artist it is ok to experiment with other genres as long as you maintain your signature sound.

You’ve just returned from Miami & Miami Music Week so tell us one of your favorite memories of being part of this.
We played some cool parties over the years and have met a lot of fans during the previous years and and we had some special moments when we witnessed our favorite DJs playing some of our track live on the Ultra Main Stage.

Do you think that DJs have to make hit records to be relevant today? Why or why not?
It depends on how you define a hit. You can have a hit in a specific genre or a massive radio hit. Obviously the radio hit will give you a lot of attention but a hit in the specific genre can get you a lot of loyal fans that like you for your music and want to attend your shows.

Please give us your Top 5 records of the moment.

Grum – Shout

Martin Garrix, Dua Lipa – Scared To Be Lonely (DubVision Remix)

Firebeatz – Ignite

Alesso – Falling (Brohug Remix)

DubVision – Satellites



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