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Electronic Dance Magazine sat down with trance vocal sensation, Aruna for a quick chat before her DJ set and vocal appearance with Myon & Shane54 at Exchange LA on July 13, 2012.

[EDM]  Great to see you again, Aruna! How is touring so far?

[Aruna] It’s good!  Tonight is a tough act to compete with though. I mean, it’s  Insomniac and it’s a sold out show. So far, everything is right.

[EDM]  Any upcoming releases you can give our readers a hint about?

[Aruna] Yes, I have a solo single coming soon, which I’m very excited about. It will be released on Blackhole Recordings. Currently, we’re doing the art work for it. Can’t say the name just yet, but it’s almost good to go!

[EDM] Why have you decided to work with Myon & Shane 54? 

[Aruna] I felt a musical connection from those guys from day one.  Our backgrounds are similar, as we all come from pop music and are trained musicians. It’s that X- factor too, when you meet someone and you just adore one another. I felt a respect from them from day one, and that to me is really important, to have a mutual respect for one another. They welcome my contributions and give me freedom in the creative process.

[EDM] Can you describe to us the concept of your new group collaboration, “Velvetine,” with Myon & Shane 54?

[Aruna] We’re focusing on a different appeal compared to our other productions. Instead of just focusing on club sounds, we want to incorporate lots of strings, harmonious vocals and just pure melodic aspects with this project.

[EDM] How has the rise of EDM in America impacted your career? Do you think it changed at all since you first started or is it better now?

[Aruna] It’s different and things changed greatly. A lot more people in this country who didn’t realize or understand the culture before, are now starting to take notice and appreciate it, a little bit more.  Although, to be fair what is most embraced are the house and dubstep genres, where as Trance is still a niche market. However, what you see more now than ever are cross-over projects where elements of different genres are used in a track. My music will always have an edge of Trance in it but my background is also pop,  so I can definitely see myself doing more cross-over projects.

Aruna with her feature in our, “The Voices of EDM,” article!

Words By: Beverly Stoll




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