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tINI On The Rise

tINI On The Rise

By: Gabrielle Nicole Pharms

German DJ/producer, tINI joined Loco Dice’s Desolat family in 2008 after she caught his attention during a few gigs they had at the same locations.



Without a doubt, tINI’s background in hip hop and love of electronic sounds served as influences for her pursuit of a career as a DJ. She’s produced numerous tracks, has headlined many events worldwide and even hosts her own podcast via Resident Advisor. It’s been a whirlwind year for tINI and she has even more passion and muses than ever.  Here, she tells EDM Magazine about how her love for music began and what we can expect in 2013 regarding a potential Desolat artist collaboration.

[EDM]  Between the ‘ tINI and the Gang’ beach parties every week, your ‘It Could Be Worse’ Ibiza Global Radio show and the release of your Resident Advisor podcast, that leaves no room for sleep. What helps you keep your sanity in your career as an artist and your personal life?

[tINI] The most important things for me are my relationship, my family and friends and of course as much sleep as possible. I am a very active person and I like to do things that I love, such as making music, travelling or being outside of the house. I love my job so it’s way easier to work a lot and to see how my projects are growing makes me happy too.

[EDM] Last year you released your debut album, Tessa on Loco Dice’s label, Desolat. Are you already working on a follow-up album or EP?

[tINI] Yes, I am working on new tINI productions here (United States). I brought some equipment over from Europe and already I’ve become very inspired here. I went out for field recordings and absorbed the vibe of the city, now I am trying to bring all this into my new productions. So stay tuned!

[EDM] Loco Dice is definitely an EDM juggernaut in the industry. When you were signed in 2008, what was your first impression of him and do you view him as a mentor?

[tINI] I’ve known Loco Dice for 10 years now. I was a big fan of him already back in the days of “Phat Dope Shit” and his residency at DC-10 back then. I have seen where he’s got to as a person and artist in all this time and I am very happy as he is always working very hard. I respect Loco Dice and the way he works a lot. I definitely would call him a mentor. He helps me whenever I need him and I am glad to have him as a friend, too.

[EDM] The Desolat family consists of artists with such diverse backgrounds. Can you tell me about one or two facets of the industry you have learned from your fellow Desolat siblings?

[tINI] I learned a lot from all of them as a person and production wise. They are all high class artists and I am already working on collaborations with Guti. We became good friends and are trying to bring our music styles together

[EDM] Alex Ridha (Boys Noize) also cites Moodymann as one of his muses in his earlier years of DJing. What is it about Moodymann’s sound technique that particularly struck your interest in music?

[tINI] He is an old time hero with a lot of timeless music. He is a genius of house for me. I just fell in love right away with his music and I still love his tracks!

[EDM] At the age of seven, you got your taste in music by playing the drums. Tell me about how your curiosity in music during your childhood has impacted who you are today.

[tINI] My father used to play the drums so we had a drum set at home in our basement. Since I was little I played on it as my dad taught me to play. We also had a piano and several electric guitars. Music was always a big part of my life and I’m glad I got my dad’s rhythm!

[EDM] There are not too many female DJs in this male dominant music scene. Do you feel you have to really prove yourself as an artist since you are a female?

[tINI] It is still a male dominated scene yes, but there are more and more amazing talented women showing that it’s no problem to become a big DJ, too! All my male colleagues have been very supportive with me too and the only person that I have to prove anything to is me.

[EDM] The end of the year is quickly sneaking up on us. Can you tell me what you have planned for 2013 in regards to releases, tours and so forth?

[tINI] As you already said, 2012 been a busy year for me and I don’t expect 2013 to be less busy. I have a lot of upcoming projects and there will be new production collaborations with friends. There is an idea for a gutINI tour; then, maybe a second tINI album tour and definitely a whole summer in Ibiza with ‘tINI and the Gang.’  I want to continue my radio show and so on.

[EDM] I end all my chats with DJs and producers with this question: Is a DJ a musician?

[tINI] I consider two Technics 1210s as a very versatile instrument, so yes!






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