Introducing : Princess Good Good

Introducing : Princess Good Good
Matt Bolton

When an artist arrives on the scene it takes a fair bit of noise to get heard. In the case of hip-hop star Yummy Bingham, she’s already done the heavy lifting on Princess Good Good’s behalf.

Tell us how Princess Good Good came to be?

Princess Good Good always was but just didn’t have a name. I used to imagine being a cartoon as a kid. However, I was very sure that I wanted to be as life-like as possible lol. Around 2010, I’m grown, staying with friends, money was low, so I had to get creative again. I had to remember what using my imagination, beyond music, was like again…which hasn’t been the case since my childhood. Movies  like “Cool World”, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and videos like Paula Abdul’s “Opposites Attract” highlighted in my mind once my juices started flowing.

With her new single, Black Business doing a fair bit of damage at radio, we wanted to more about Princess Good Good and her digital only-self. Tell us why you’ve chosen to express yourself this way.

The idea of PGG being introduced as a digital-self was decided for a few reasons. Firstly, I wanted PGG to have her own identity. She is the enhanced version of me, not who I became. Secondly, PGG’s musical purpose is to be the artist that I explore my more dramatized and animated self thru. Thirdly, I always wanted to do a house album, so Chilly’s timing couldn’t have been better when he told me he wanted me to do one. Lastly and most importantly, I wanted a way to appeal to all ages.

 Musically, do you feel that you align more with house or hip-hop?

I personally align more with hip-hop.

You have an alter-ego on the hip-hop side that has been successful so what’s the biggest difference between the two artists you have within?

I did! My hip-hop alter ego was called “The Spaz”. I was known to get on a record and vocally spaz out. The biggest difference between PGG and The Spaz is evolution. The Spaz was wild and vulgar, while PGG is more serious, mature.

You’re on a new label called Man Behind Bars which has a big personality and story behind it. Can you tell us more about the label and its significance to you?

Man Behind Bars is a significant label to me because Chilly is in charge. Chilly is the man that has genuinely been my support and father figure since I was a teen.

Can you tell us about touring and when we can expect to see you perform?

Touring for PGG is definitely going to bring a whole other dope dynamic to the sound of this album…but you gotta stay tuned for more updates on shows.

If you could work with anyone from the electronic music world, who would it be and why?

Of course I would love to work with Daft Punk. Why? Because they’re ridiculously funky and all about their sound just as much as their disguise. But I’m open who to whoever is dope enough to add to the PGG sound.

Have you though about a collaboration with your hip-hop self and Princess Good Good?

That’s the plan! I would love to be 2 people on one record. It would be an amazing challenge for me. We are absolutely building up to that presentation so I’m uber excited about that.

Your song Black Business has a powerful message. Can you tell us about the inspiration for it?

Black Business is self-explanatory and an obvious alarm, like all of the blatant injustice that is happening in our faces in the judicial system and economy every single day. Black Business is a clarion call for the ones who are ready, willing and able to make power moves for change for black people. Reverend Jesse Jackson is our elder leader on this record, transcending that sound of desperation for action to take place for our people, by our people.

What’s next for you?

What’s next for me? Releasing the video to Black Business, getting PGG ready for tour and whatever greatness the future has in store for me

[*Chilly is the founder of Man Behind Bars, Princess Good Good’s label and the man who mentored and produces Lupe Fiasco.]




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