The very best of @DJsComplaining

The very best of @DJsComplaining

Inthemix Australia compiled a list of the very best of DJsComplaining.
Sometimes, being a DJ isn’t easy. For every private jet and free bottle of Grey Goose, there’s a cancelled flight, a terrible airport and a five star hotel room without a powerpoint next to the bed. But even in the darkest of hours, Twitter is there to listen. And so, since 2012 one account has been fearlessly retweeting the various complaints of DJs the world over, from lost luggage to sub-par room service and beyond. To pay tribute, we’ve rounded up 25 of our favourite @DJsComplaining moments. Click through to read them…and put your own petty “problems” in perspective.

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djs-complain-15 djs-complain-16

djs-complain-18 djs-complain-2

djs-complain-5 djs-complain-6

djs-complain-8 djs-complain-9



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