The DoLaB’s Flemming brothers and their crazy, innovative minds that continue to amaze.

The DoLaB’s Flemming brothers and their crazy, innovative minds that continue to amaze.
Courtney Kay

DO+LAB+COACHELLA+04Starting with humble beginnings and a grassroots mentality, The DoLaB has come a long way since their start in a single room office space. The DoLaB begun with 3 brothers that had an eye for imagination and a goal to create something purely magical. The Flemming brothers have continued to push their core beliefs of sustainability, social connection, total body health and creative expression into everything they create with The Do LaB, resulting in the pure magic that is Lightning in a Bottle (LIB). Two of the most popular derivatives of LIB are “Leave It Better” and “Leave It Beautiful”; these phrases stand as great reminders of The Do LaB’s propensity to always go green. One of The Do LaB’s primary objectives is for every attendee to leave no trace, meaning you take away with you any and all trash you create. With everyone working towards this goal, it has earned LIB some bragging rights; they are the only festival earning a rating of Outstanding over 5 consecutive years in a row from ‘A Greener Festival’.

Every year festival goers travel from far and wide just to get this slice of heaven. For thousands, Lightning in a Bottle is not only what they look forward to year-round, but it is also their safe haven and salvation. This place is about creating your own type of escape, your own “home base”, or dirty palace amongst the desert. Every day can be different. With an extensive variety of art, music, activities, experiences and places to explore, you have no excuse to be bored. Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, you will not be disappointed with the amount of entertainment surrounding you. When asked of their 5 favorite experiences of LIB, 2 things stood out amongst the rest: the immediate connection you feel with everyone around slide_228077_1008261_freeyou, as well as the mass amount of uninhibited and collective weirdness. With an air of wonder paired with a “come find me” vibe, the grounds of the recreation area are covered with different whimsical stages and structures to truly take you to another world. Whether it be the main Lightning stage, with its beautiful overhead tapestries dancing in the wind and vibing to every beat, or the giant 25ft climbable teapots, with surprisingly roomy wrap-around bench seating inside, you have found your new playground.

The only suitable advice I could provide to LIB newcomers, or anyone new to transformational festivals as a whole, is to open your heart and mind to every experience. Challenge yourself to enjoy every moment to the fullest, and use this opportunity to cultivate your own true happiness. Dress how you want. Dance how you want. Let your weird out. Wake up early one morning to enjoy sunrise yoga or meditation. Go on a stroll throughout the live painting garden. Or adventure just for the sake of the journey. Sometimes the best adventures are the ones that we don’t plan.
In case you missed Lightning in a Bottle this year and are in need of a little adventure, stay up to date with The Do LaB and all their upcoming events and festivals.



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