Start of the meadow….

Start of the meadow….

The field was doused in people leaking from, The Meadow, and flooding the stands above. Their screams of elatement stretched over us all like a canopy of love and jubilee. It felt as if I was always meant to live this moment, under the Electric Sky and with such company. Fantastic individuals of sound character who draped themselves in the belief of self AronAltmark-EDCLV-Stg2-17expression.

They were the kind ones, who beaded their dreams into tiny letter on their wrists, only to  exchange them freely with another at fated times. They were the courageous ones, who cared little in the way of their socks matching their shirts, because in truth they had no problem with running around naked. Here in, The Meadow, you could find the beautiful ones. The ones who came to EDC to encapsulate a feeling that was so difficult to find anywhere else in the world.

Scanning the stands leading into, The Meadow, I watched the salty stains of tears evaporate and dissipate in the air; just like all the burdens carried here. Every trouble lifted via bubbles, to the other side of the moon and quite likely on the double.  We were all here right now, and together celebration and liberation set in. It was a fantastic combination of emotions that caused you to shout and jump, to smile and frolic, to love and be loved. A feeling so grand that only the thought of Flosstradamus lurking behind stage could elevate it. That’s when every prancing unicorn, walking mermaid, love drunk pirate and exceptionally bright and/or sparkly creature; started to turn there ears towards the speakers and their eyes to the stage. The Meadow growled. The people had their revolution and it started with a count down and the simultaneous  erection of every middle finger across EDC.



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