Interview: INDO

Interview: INDO
Tomas Serrano

“His latest single, “My Head,” delivers a fresh sound, leading you into a soulful state before dropping some adrenalized, low-end energy.” -Insomniac


“My Head” is an uplifting dance music track that infuses elements of moombahton, electro and glitch in order to create a fresh, new, forward-thinking sound. Each breakdown of “My Head” strategically takes the listener to a soulful state of mind before dropping raw bass infused energy. “My Head” is a reaction to what is going on in INDO‘s head as an artist. INDO creates a unique expression for listeners that is a contrast to typical EDM fare, and elevates their state of mind in the process. This is the basis for INDO‘s Get Lifted Movement, which is a theme of his music and brand. The lyrics “Can I stay in my head” speak to the goal INDO has as a producer to stay true to his artistic vision, and to not give in to what might be the most popular sound of the moment. Thankfully we were able to score an interview through Sylvie Barnett with rising star INDO:



How did you come up with the idea for “My Head”?

The initial inspiration for “My Head” was to create a song that reflected what was going on in my own head as an artist in today’s electronic music scene. I wanted to give the listeners a different experience than what they hear in mainstream electronic music. Pulling from my musical background, the goal for “My Head” was to bring more substance to the structure of dance music. I created different variations in each section to obtain a new balance of anticipation and surprise. Along with that, I strived to maintain a spectrum of unique melodies in the breakdowns and raw, energetic sounds in the drops.

Who are some artists of the moment that you’re most influenced by?

Incubus, Gramatik, Drezo, Thrice, Rezz, Skrillex, Feed Me, Dillon Francis

What’s the main message you’re trying to convey to your fans?

As artists, our job is take what inspires us, and create an experience that evokes emotion in our fans. The core theme and message of the INDO project is Get Lifted. When people listen to my music, I want them to feel lifted and elevated above their normal state of being… The meaning of Get Lifted also expands beyond that. As an artist, I’m always striving to take my music to the next level. I hope that translates to my fans as well when it comes to their own lives. Spreading positivity and striving for the best version of yourself is really something I try to convey as well.

What inspires you?

My inspiration comes from my passion for music. At a very young age I fell in love with playing instruments, and learning about all types of genres. The process of taking a song you spent countless hours in the studio creating, to performing it live, and then eliciting a reaction from the crowd is something words cannot describe. I want to create music and perform for the rest of my life, in whatever form it may be.

How does your musical background play into your productions?

The first instrument I learned how to play was piano. This really laid the core foundation for my knowledge of music. As I got older, I took up guitar which really expanded my passion for music. I played in bands all through high school before I crossed over into the electronic world. A lot of the time I write my breakdown melodies on guitar, piano, or my Moog Sub 37. You don’t have to have a musical background to be a great producer, however, for me it helps a lot in my process. If I have an idea in my head, I can create it instead of having to rely on sampling.

What’s your favorite or craziest show experience?

I have had a lot of great shows, and crazy moments through the years. But I would have to say the first time I played EDC Las Vegas is my favorite. I had played other festivals, and big club shows up to that point. However, seeing my name on that lineup was really a solidifying feeling that I could do this as a career. On top of that, the crowd and the stage production were absolutely mental.

If you could collaborate with artist right now, who would it be?

This is always a tough question. There are so many artists that I would love to work with if. If I had to pick one, I would have to say Skrillex. I realize almost every producer would drop his name for this question. However, if I am being honest, that would be the one artist I would love to get in the studio with. He was one of my original inspirations for going for this as a career. Also, his versatility and ability to crush boundaries is something that I have a huge respect for.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to continue create music, and keep growing as an artist. I have many more releases to come in 2017 following the official remix for the very talented Rituals of Mine that just released on Warner Bros Records. Along with that, I am getting ready to announce some tour dates here. So make sure to keep an eye out for where I’ll be playing next!


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