EmazingLights CEO, Brian Lim responds to alleged accusation of forgery made against him.

EmazingLights CEO, Brian Lim responds to alleged accusation of forgery made against him.

Mr. Lim released a statement late last night on the popular Facebook gloving group (GLOVER’S LOUNGE)  in response to the forgery allegations made against him.

Original Story: Strong accusations against EmazingLights CEO, Brian Lim.

Mr. Lim’s statement:

To my Gloving Family:
I apologize to the Glover’s Lounge about the ongoing issues with Mr. Montes, the guy most of you know as Ramiro. I would also like to apologize for the time it took for us to comment on the matter. There is an active lawsuit going on, and the incorrect disclosure of certain facts would have harmed us immensely, legally, so I had to consult carefully with our lawyers to figure out what could and couldn’t be said.

First, I’ll make this clear, I did not forge Ramiro’s employment documents.

As mentioned in the article, the updated employment contract was drawn up in September 2014. This happened with Ramiro’s full consent in a meeting between him and myself. As Ramiro at the time had been a close friend who had been with me for many years, I kept the process simple and informal. Up until that point, he had basically been a full-time employee with a regular salary, vacation days, all of it. With all the big changes going on at the company at the time, we wanted to make sure everybody was on regular contracts, so I had a simple, informal meeting with him, made the changes to the document in front of him and he agreed. I felt relaxed about this process not because we’d already signed and agreed on an assignment of inventions to the company with Ramiro a few months prior in May 2014 and he had acknowledged this fully in several other emails between us and also because I trusted him.

Around December 2014, we separated ways as our engineering team grew and it became harder for Ramiro to work with the team, understand what glovers wanted and had started to become a constant battle to get him to perform his job duties as requested.

Due to this being a legal issue, I unfortunately can’t go into much more detail than that. But it’s safe for me to say, that despite myself and Ramiro not parting well, it was not just surprising, but deeply saddening when I received emails back from a man who I had once trusted, accusing me of fraud on a document he full well knew he had signed with consent. Just to get back at me and attempt to steal profits from products we were putting back into the community that he full well knew were property of the company. Rest assured, those inventions are our property, he knows it and acknowledged so in emails during his time working there and the document he signed below. I’ve also included below an email from 2013 between him and myself where he acknowledges the USB light we were working on and encourages me to patent it. He may claim the OSM is his based on him using Arduino code, but it’s functionality is exactly the light we had been working on before.

To all the those in the lounge that doubt my intentions and EmazingLights. Please understand we have dedicated our blood, sweat and tears into the past 5 years to pioneer gloving into a legitimate art form and sport. And for you to truly understand the type of person I’ve been in a legal battle with and how he really cares about the scene, I’ve attached emails that were “anonymously” sent to the promoters of OneTribe and other festivals. The chance of this anonymous person getting these documents and distributing them without Ramiro’s consent is beyond unlikely.

Our latest move to get gloving unbanned from festivals is to host the first ever Flow Garden at OneTribe music festival. This is the first area dedicated to glovers and light show artists and is serving as a great example to other festivals that a flow garden is what the community needs and wants. Should the concept be successful, it would be a huge message sent to other festivals that Flow Arts and Gloving are an essential part of the festival scene. To be frank, this is our biggest opportunity to get gloving back into all festivals since the original ban.

These “anonymous” emails regarding Ramiro, attached below, are being sent out to the promoters of OneTribe to purposefully kill the Flow Garden concept, to kill our best chance of getting gloving back into festivals in years.

I share this information not to join in on a war of words, but to clear my name and let you know, before you support this man with another cent, exactly what kind of person he is and where “the interest of the gloving community” and “profit” lie on his agenda built on revenge and personal greed. I’ve revealed a lot today, not out of want but because it seems this is what you the community needs to get some closure on this matter.

As I’ve said before, I welcome competition in our industry from those with the gloving scene’s best interests at heart. I encourage you to be careful when you spend money to support somebody who may not have the gloving scene’s best interests at heart, or at the very least, be careful of those who are actively working against it.









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