Daft Punk Semi-Biographical Movie Eden Releases Second Trailer

Daft Punk Semi-Biographical Movie Eden Releases Second Trailer

Eden, the feature film on Daft Punk and the 90s French House scene, will be screened this Tuesday and Wednesday at Sundance Film Festival. In the meantime, the official trailer for the film directed by Mia-Hansen Løve has surfaced. Check it out above.

The movie, which already premiered in French movie theaters, still has no release date for other venues. The robotic duo’s story is one of the plot’s points with DJ Sven Løve’s (brother of the director Mia Hansen and co-author of the film) career acting as a guideline. Back in the 90s, Sven was a teenager fresh out of a romantic crisis when he found himself amidst club and house parties with a bunch of Frenchmen smoking hand-rolled cigarettes over cheap wine.

Besides being a biography of the world’s most famous electronic music duo and a great overview of what the French house movement in the 90s was all about, the flick is tied together by a universal theme we can all relate to: the pains, heartache and passion of growing up.



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