Basspod extended

Basspod extended

We were united and we embraced each other with hugs meant for savages. We knocked and tossed about, jumping and thumping to the vindictive beat emanating throughout the Bass Pod.

I looked into the eyes of my two friends and they burned with something dangerous. A spooky shake rattled their bodies and I watched them take to the music. Throwing themselves like rag dolls through the crowd and generating enough energy to fuel an entire city block. They brought up darkly colored dust masks, over their faces, dredging up even more suspense and mystery as to the illusive thoughts housed beyond them. The two boys were everything that ignites, everything that crackles and bursts. Together they were dynamic and combustible.

BassPodRewindEDCLVDayOne_710x380They flew into each other causing sparks to soar. Their feet left the ground and scorched the earth the colors of precious gems. I marveled at it all. Spinning in a complete circle, shoulder to shoulder with an immense tribal nation of bassy souls, I discovered what freedom felt like. It was incomparable to the orgins of government, it was a freedom that came from within and both grounded you to the earth and set your spirit soaring high above the lasers. We were uncaged and reminded of our dreams. Insomniac had created a fantastic matrix for your mind; a web of sparkling gold roads to frolic through, that brought you to the threshold of your childhood fantasies. Swept with the moment and moved by the universe’s lesson of connection, I let out a scream and mimicked a panthers prowl. I danced with my family and unearthed new, beautiful friends.

Together we forgot more than our troubles, we released the trapping of society all together. Stripping their power with each feisty dance step to the dust. We were more than equal here, we moved and chanted as one. A song of love and empowerment; a melodic beat that entrapped all the worries and differences of generations of hate. Bass that stole the very essence of separation and joined thousands to its rapture.

Visuals flashed through the screens, that made you realize the possibilities of what all this good energy brought to the world would bring. Deliverance of oppression and pain, a moment so singular for each person, but a feeling generated that was radiating from our hearts to the same frequency.

I plucked two hands from the air and caressed them both in the palm of my own. Attached were two friends, whom I had grown to love, to the point past destiny. I watched them wildly express their subconsciousness on their sleeves and through their very feet. I witnessed them throw their fantasies to the universe in epic growls and howls meant to burn the ears of their darkest demons.

It was an intense battle for their futures that I humbly laid eyes on. Every condition they had ever placed upon themselves was thrown to the blazing, music god and pounded down into the sound -stricken dirt of Insomniacs’ all encompassing Bass Pod. After that moment was captured, we didn’t stop. We wept and we smiled, we smoked and we laughed. We danced and romanced listening to silly love chants, that were in basic beats and meant for under bedroom sheets. We created magic and while the sky burned with colored fires, I found myself invigorated, I found myself alive.



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