Strong accusations of forgery against EmazingLights CEO, Brian Lim.

Strong accusations of forgery against EmazingLights CEO, Brian Lim.

After being featured on ABC’s well known television show ‘Shark Tank,’ there has been nothing but praise and positivity emanating around the name EmazingLights and its founder/CEO, Brian Lim. Glovers across the country have flocked to a company that has portrayed themselves to be all about the love for their community, and the growth of the sport of gloving.

But the allegations of document forgery could cast a shadow over this company’s name. We received an anonymous email with very strong accusations, and legal documentation of these allegations between one of EmazingLights’ former programmers/light chip engineers and Brian Lim.

According to the documents sent to us, apparently EmazingLights is not only trying to take the rights to something that was created by someone else, but they are also attempting to do it illegally by forging signatures to contracts that never existed. We contacted Brian Lim to ask for a statement, on these accusations but no comment was given at this moment.

We must reserve our opinions on this matter in order to be fair; but whether or not these allegations are true or false, that’s for you and/or the courts to decide.

UPDATE: View Mr. Lim’s statement Here  and Mr. Ramiro Montes De Oca Here 


Anonymous E-mail receive by Edm Magazine.



Legal Complaint from EmazingLights.

1-LegalLetterToOSM.pdf by Edm magazine

Legal response from former programmer.

2-Response From OSM by Edm magazine

Engineer Employment Contract in question.

5-ForGED-Ramiro Engineer Employment Contract by Edm magazine

3-Fake-Contractor-Contract 4Real-Contractor-Contract


E-mail conversation between  EmazingLights  founder/CEO, Brian Lim and  Former programmer.




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