10Digits Drops A Line On His Latest

10Digits Drops A Line On His Latest
Matt Bolton

Renowned for his anonymity and single and YouTube video for “Fool For Love,” 10Digits recently dropped his new multi-genre full-length album titled Rebirth. Featuring a myriad of collaborators, the release possesses an incredibly diverse individuality chock-full of unrivaled energy, infectious pop-inflected melodies, emotive and intimate lyricism, and upbeat danceable grooves.

From start to finish, Rebirth checks all the boxes as a melodious and memorable release. Brimming with tremendous musical talent, the artist has generated millions of streams worldwide and has been nominated for awards such as the Bell Media Future Music Star and Kiss Radio’s “One To Watch.” We recently had the chance to catch up with 10Digits in support of his new album. Scope out our interview to find out more about this fascinating producer and why he is quickly gaining the attention of the masses.
How would you describe your sound? What inspires you to make music?
I would describe my sound sexy, groovy and full of rhythm. It’s actually hard to answer what inspires me to make music. I am constantly inspired by everything around me and because of that, I’m always in the mindset of creating.
Why do you choose to keep your identity a mystery?
I choose to keep my identity a mystery because, first of all, I like the idea of putting a strong and recognizable brand behind my music and letting the music take an identity of its own. Eventually, when the right time comes, my fans will get to know who is behind the mask.
How do you come up with the creative direction for the music video “Fool For Love?” How does your creative direction reflect your persona?
We came up with creative direction from an experience that my brother went through with one of his ex-girlfriends. This direction reflects how I always choose to make every song relatable by also taking inspiration from people around me..

How do you choose the singers you collaborate with?
I choose the singer I collaborate with by finding something unique about their voice. I try to find singers who have vocals that could distinguish from a mile away in a crowd.

What do you feel is the greatest challenge affecting artists today? How do you personally choose to face this challenge?
The greatest challenge I find that is affecting artists today is to become successful without following the trend. I just choose to make whatever the style of music I enjoy doing at that moment and I make sure I do it well.

Where do you feel that the music industry is headed over the next ten years?
I can’t really predict where the industry is headed because everything changes so fast. In less than a decade, streaming has taken over the industry so maybe we might see new ways for people to enjoy their favorite songs in the next 10 years. But one thing is for sure, wherever it’s headed, I know that more and more people will be discovering my music so I’m definitely going to keep creating and experimenting with new musical ideas.

What is your biggest goal as an artist?
My biggest goal as an artist is to win a Grammy.

Is there anything you’d like our readers to know?
My new album Rebirth is just the beginning, I’ve got much more music coming soon.



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