The Timeless Sound of Telepopmusik

The Timeless Sound of Telepopmusik
Beverly Stoll

Words by: Jessica Corso

Straying away from bass-filled electro hits and dubstep bangers that have become so popular with mainstream listeners today, Telepopmusik is a refreshing taste of something new, yet surprisingly traditional.

This French electronic music trio sends nothing but good vibes through their mellow-sounding songs and soothing beats. Initiating in 1997, the group includes members Fabrice Dumont, previously the bassist of French pop band Autour de Lucie, Stephan Haeri, commonly referred to as “2square” from his individual works, and Christophe Hetier.

The originality of Telepopmusik stems from the combination of soft synths, steady rhythms, and simple lyrics within their music. In 2001, the release of their first album titled Genetic World provided electronic music fans with an interesting, fresh opportunity.

The signature sound Telepopmusik provided became undeniable and was easily transitioned into mainstream media during the mid to late 2000s, subsequently after the release of their hit single “Breathe.”

This track became nothing short of an EDM anthem during the height of it’s time, and was even featured on a Mitsubishi commercial in 2003. Its comforting lyrics, which include “Another day, Just Believe/Another Day, Just Breathe,” give listeners a positive, uplifting message. The tempo of the song remains steady throughout its duration, and the beats are perfectly harmonized. Many other songs produced on this album have a similar crystalline feel, and they all seem to have one thing in common: a chill-out vibe.

After having gained much popularity from the praise of Genetic World, the trio released their second and final album titled, Angel Milk.

A major difference, which seems to stand out from the previous album, is their use of longer lyrics. The lyrics seem to hold much significance, so listeners who appreciate the use of meaningful words would instantly be attracted to this album. One of the most touching tracks titled “Into Everything” is quite poetic, and its contents include:

Open your world into everything

Subtle ripples forming closer

Touching me, I can’t escape

Foolishly I think I’m stronger

Then a kiss, now it’s too late

Fully ripened I am falling

Into your hands

For you to taste

I’m like a child, my eyes are open

Ambushed by your pretty face

Is it possible to love you

Or will this soon be washed away

By a single drop of water

In the desert I will lay


This extraordinary group has proved to be a highly positive influence on today’s electro and trip-hop music. Modern groups such as Emancipator, Tycho, and Bonobo use the same logistics that Telepopmusik introduced into the world many years ago, and the future for this beautiful, mellow style doesn’t seem to be fading out anytime soon. This type of music can be enjoyed by all EDM listeners, and even by their parents! Telepopmusik truly express a timeless ingenuity and a perfected sound that will live for ages.




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