Wonderland 3D

Wonderland 3D

Friday night in every city around the world is something that everyone looks forward to right? Well of course but down in a City known as Miami Florida, an event took place that made a Friday night in Miami look like a scene from the movie Miami Vice. Placed just two and half blocks away from the grounds on which Ultra Music Festival is held at Club Mekka just happens to be holding some of the sickest events in between the Winter Music Festival, Ultra Music Festival, and also the Miami Music festival.

Their last event “Wonderland 3D” was in no way shape or form a letdown to those who visit the other events. Mekka Room, Discotekka Bigjack Room, OMG Room, Goddess Room, and Forbidden Room (Dubstep) were the rooms in this wonderful journey to Wonderland!

Right off the bat you know you were going to experience something you have not had the pleasure of having. At first you walk into the “Mekka room” and right away you saw nothing but a wall of people moving to the beats while Dj Elements, Dj Snoop Estrada, and Dj Kriss Kosta play some of the sickest mixes Mekka has heard in a long time. This room is the main stage and just by taking a glance at it you can already tell why they chose this stage to be the main stage, Big set up for the artists, a private yet opened seating area for the very lucky VIP, and the best part a stage on which performers can entertain the masses with exotic dancers with not just one but two performers that carried a unique set of grinders dressed in suits that would make anyone remember the movies from Predator. Another entertainer that was on stage was the leader of Team Facemelterz, the pioneer of the Laser Gloves that had the audience in a state of trance with his unique designed gloves.

Rather by choice or from the beats themselves you some how found yourself moving onto the next room (Discotekka Bigjack) and just seamlessly start bouncing and fist pumping to the hypnotic mixes of Peter Casas, Magoo, and Mark Ivan. This room also featured a couple of sets done by dual Djs like Djs Chubby & Gizmo, Djs Juan Tapia & Juan Lopez, and Djs Max Cortes & Ignacio Vallejo. These talented Djs were feeding off each other like they were born next to each other with their dj equipment right in front of them, and by the look of their fans they were doing it just right!

“OMG” could not be a better fitting name for this room. Why you may ask, well for starters the Décor that the talented stage designers had chosen could not have been better for the night’s event. The dark mystique that was laced upon the room and the lights from all the participants of the event with their unique and well polished skill with gloves made it even better. To add the icing on the cake they had DJs CX (Power 96 Miami, Fl), Jvibe, and Skillz laying down some serious tracks back to back. These DJs must have been reading the crowds minds since they did not let off the burner in order to maintain even the most distracted attendants moving and jumping around.

No one would think that with all of the time and attention to detail that was given to the other rooms that they would not have had enough effort to transform one of the remaining rooms in to a work of art, BUT somehow they brought to each room a special design. The “Goddess room” had so much to offer and man oh man did the party goers take advantage of it, and who can blame them? The music, art and of course how can we forget, the people who came to party! Now the people that attended were not the main reason this room was pretty much “Fuego!!” as one of the girls dancing called it. No it was the artist, and with names that are well known in Florida’s night scene who could resist calling it by such names. DJs Audio Overdose, Lucas Rego, Rad Savino were some of the fortunate artist to take control of the crowd and make sure they got what they came for, a night that would be talked about for weeks.

Now if neither of those rooms called your attention then I’m sure this one will. Even the name makes you want to know what activities took place. Aptly named the “Forbidden room” for one may only ponder why such name was given, was the area dedicated to the Dubstep crowd. From the moment you walk in your body would start to move and your heart beat would go to the beats from DJs Reptile, Deranged, and Wreckage. These DJs were having a grand time serving up a five course meal of music that left all just a little too full to continue to run around this Wonderland. This room featured the biggest and nicest bar in this establishment. And there were no shortage of on hand staff to assist anyone by quenching their thirst.All this attention to detail and the careful selection of the entertainers paid off well and with the event bringing the attendance to nearly full capacity it was a clear sign that all the promoters, artist, and all the management knew what had to be done and they were not going to come shy of what their goal were. So if you are in the area in the greater city of Miami make sure to pass by and see what events might be popping off, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.



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