The Fresh NYE Experience

The Fresh NYE Experience
Alexia Chuck

On a night like NYE, there are surely a number of events to attend – but none that would match the experience of Fresh NYE. Driving up to the Seaport Marina Hotel, the parking lot was packed and you could see colorful clusters of ravers excitedly shuffling up to the front of the venue. There was a sea of people wrapping around the building, the line was long (and seemingly never ending) but that didn’t slow the energy of everyone’s anticipation of the night that was to come. The cold definitely did not affect the warmth of the hundreds of music enthusiasts there to get their fix of a fully stacked international lineup. The air was crisp, and attendees patiently waited for their turn to enter the world within the halls of the Seaport Marina Hotel.
Entering the venue you are met with a wall of body heat, smoke machines, and lasers bouncing off the walls. Old school ravey vibes spiked the air, and the energy at the drum and bass stage was undeniably high. Packed from front to back, the beats flowed over the crowd as they jumped and skipped to the bassy beats. APX 1 was working the stage, and as the MC blared “Who loves the bass inside Fresh?!” the crowd roared and threw their hands in the air as the music took them to another level. As the lights trailed, and the walls sweat, Curious? took the stage and hit the crowd with his undulating melodic rhythms. It seemed as if friendly faces were everywhere, everyone dancing together in unison to the beat of the same drums.
Upstairs in the main room, Will Atkinson was pushing the psychedelic techy beats, traveling between hard and soft rhythms, luring in the crowd for the darkness that was about to come. Ladybug decorations hugged the speakers, and the crowd fist pumped and stomped getting riled up for the countdown. There were people dancing, people embracing, and people lost in conversation – every type of raver enjoying the event in their own special way. Beats hit the ceiling and walls, and everyone jumped hyping each other up to every build-up.
At the countdown everyone chanted in unison with a sparkle in their eyes. 5…4…3…2…1…Confetti sprayed, balloons dropped, and hands reached for the sky. Each and every raver screamed, their roar welcoming another year of loud music and positive vibes. Lady Faith brought in the new year with a bang – blasting the crowd with the hard noise they came to hear. As the raw beats ricocheted off the walls, the ravers whipped their heads to the kicks and pumped their fists to the bass. As the night trailed on, it was time for the act that everyone was so patiently waiting for – Angerfist. With his special guest Miss K8 revealed, the crowd was even more excited to see what they were going to offer.

Preparing to slaughter, Angerfist and Miss K8 stepped up to the stage – he zipped up his signature black hoodie, and pulled down his mask; while she changed out of her stylish silver heels to comfortable black sneakers. The crowd began to chant for Angerfist, and then hardcore beats began. The energy overflowed the stage, with people writhing and head-banging, almost knocking over the protective barricade. Her energy matched his as their tag team of dark beats radiated over the crowd. It was the perfect way to end the event. It was as if the whole night had been building up to this set. The beats banged on and on, and the speakers pushed back at the crowd. People were dancing on top of couches and tables, giving their all of the last bit of energy they had left. It is no doubt that Fresh NYE was the loudest party of the year – offering the widest variety of artists, a truly unique venue, and vibes that were through the roof.



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Alexia Chuck

Arriving in Los Angeles in Sept. of 2006 from Honolulu, HI; Kitsch slowly made her way into a new and exciting party scene she had never experienced before : THE RAVE. Captivated by the sheer energy and amazing music of this new world, she fell into rave culture, and everything that it represented.


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