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The Do LaB’s Woogie a place to call home.

The Do LaB’s Woogie a place to call home.
Courtney Kay

For those familiar with the company’s primary festival, Lightning in a Bottle (LIB),  nothing but the best in music, arts and entertainment is expected. The Woogie Stage may not have been the largest of the stages at LIB, but it is certainly the most reputable and has earned itself quite the following. With the recent success of LIB, The Do LaB had the unique, fresh idea to create a brand new festival, Woogie Weekend. After listening to many requests asking for another festival, their sole purpose was to harvest those ‘woogie’ vibes. Taking place in Oak Canyon Park where LIB was once held in prior years, Woogie-ers from all around were more than thrilled to return to the place they called home.


With the goal of a smaller and more intimate festival in mind, this event had only two stages, The Beat Nest and The Hive. Both stages were located in the epicenter of the space,    each only a hop, skip and jump away from the other.  While strolling from stage to stage then back home to camp, you were sure to find anything you might need. Including quite the extensive row of gourmet, health conscious food trucks, tantilizing jewelry booths, and handcrafted clothing vendors to help curb any festival-goers curiosity.


During the day, the activities span from different morning yoga sessions, motivational public speakers, crafting workshops, and even a giant adult-sized slip-and-slide nestled on a grassy hill. Everything was set in perfect ear shot of both stages while different beats pumped out from the large speakers. The music began around noon, in perfect harmony with the sun as it climbed higher into the sky. Although the music was shut down at 2am in order to comply with Irvine noise regulations, that did not mean the party was over just yet. After the main stages called it a night, you had 2 different after-hour shindigs to choose from. One of these hubs was the “FUNN Machine”; complete with bubbles, bass, and two N’s. And yes, there was much fun to be had with everyone laughing and grooving till the wee hours of the night.



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Editorial Column

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