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Mr. Sillerman failed to understand the roots of the underground

Mr. Sillerman failed to understand the roots of the underground

My take on SFX – and its collapse.

You see not everyone understands house music, it’s a spiritual thing, a body thing. A soul thing.

That’s the thing that Mr. Sillerman failed to understand before he started his hostile takeover “MY” MUSIC. He saw an emerging music, sound, and culture and wanted to capitalize on it. It was simply an investment to monetize my music and culture. If he knew the roots of the underground, rave culture, warehouses in Chicago, dicey illegal parties under the Brooklyn Bridge he would of understood that we were outcasts. The unwanted. The Rebels.

Trying to capitalize on this whole “EDM” as if we were just a commodity without caring for the music, the people or its future and looking at us simply as a dollar you failed to recognize that you cannot buy us. This music is not a stock trade. This music is not a financial play. This music means allot to allot of people. More than money my friend.

Mr. Sillerman, you must earn our trust. You must invest in us. You must care about us. We saw right through your “corporate take-over”.  Insomniac built our trust and saw our value one party at a time, one dj set at a time. I know Pasquale and I know how much he lost before he ever made a dime. He lost money because he believed in us, in what we represent and who we are. He came from the underground. He lived it.

You almost suckered us. Because I began to believe that you could buy us with the EDM explosion with fake artists like Avicii, Steve Aoki and Pauley D. When I saw their T-Shirts, Bobble heads, and Dead Mou5 Glowsticks at the MGM gift shop. But as soon as electronic music started getting wacky we moved and kicked it.  We dropped EDM and whatever you wanted it to be. Just like we dropped you.

Sorry about the Billion Dollars you lost. Sorry we could not be bought. Sorry we could not be your commodity.

We keep it underground Sillerman. We keep it real. We are the underground and are not for sale.



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