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Sitting Down With ‘Do Not Sit On The Furniture’s Megan Nazari

Sitting Down With ‘Do Not Sit On The Furniture’s Megan Nazari
Tomas Serrano

Eclectic atmosphere, the spirit of ehurning Man and beautiful sounds – that’s exactly how can one describe Do Not Sit On The Furniture events. No matter if it is a “Do Not Sit” club or any other venue that has been taken over for a day or night by the DNS crew – décor and ambience will definitely catch the eye.  The unity of people dancing, artistic ornaments, great sound provided by local and world famous DJs will take you on a journey through the sound. Spreading love and happiness, out friend Tatiana Gorshkova sat down with Megan Nazari of Do Not Sit On The Furniture to discuss the unique events they host during Miami Music Week.

Megan Nazari of Do Not Sit On The Furniture

Megan Nazari of Do Not Sit On The Furniture

Hi Megan, thank you for finding a minute to meet during your hectic week. So tell us, what is ‘Do Not Sit On The Furniture’? What people can expect from your party when they come here?

  • Hi, thank you for contacting us and supporting us. Do Not Sit has become a community that started here in Miami from our club Do Not Sit On The Furniture and it’s grown globally. I think that we bring the amazing experience to people. It’s not only about the music, it’s about love, it’s about sharing love with the dancefloor, it’s about bringing the ‘Do Not Sit’ sound. My husband Behrouz hand picks the DJs, and it’s a journey that you get in from the beginning till end. I am so proud of it. We opened a club 5 years ago and now it’s grown: we have weekly residency in Ibiza at Heart starting this year for the first time on Thursdays. People love our concept, they tell their friends. It’s an experience that has a little bit of the Burning Man Culture (that we come from) a little bit of Behrouz’ DJ experience and being in the industry for 30 years, so all of that kind of brought together is just amazing. We have ‘Do Not Sit’ showcases all around the world – and it’s very organically done.
© Photography by Khris Cowley for Here & Now (fb.com/wearehereandnow)

© Photography by Khris Cowley for Here & Now (fb.com/wearehereandnow)

-Very exciting news about Ibiza! Where else have you done the events?

  • We have been in Paris, NY, LA, Mykonos, Turkey, Amsterdam. We participated in BPM Festival, SXM Festival, where we had our own stage.

– Is there a specific genre of music that you guys bring?

  • All the way from Deep House to Techno. The beautiful music, the music that the girls love, we always have a lot of beautiful girls on a dancefloor. It has to do a lot with the Burning Man culture, as Behrouz and I are both Burners for 15 years, we bring that type of sound to our parties.

do not sit in wynwood mmw4

-Any favorite artist that you like to work with?

  • There are so many of them! I like Atish, we work with Hoj, KMLN, Dance Spirit… there are so many amazing artists. At the end they are also humble and they get our whole outlook and feel that we wanna give to everybody. It’s not about ego, everybody is friends coming and playing together.

do not sit in wynwood 7

-How did you guys come up with the name?

  • When we moved to Miami 10 years ago, we were a little disillusioned that there was no club where we could take our friends to because all the clubs had VIP tables on the dance floor. It was all about models and bottles. So, we decided to open a club that would be about dancing, music, and we called it “Do Not Sit On The Furniture”.
© Photography by Khris Cowley for Here & Now (fb.com/wearehereandnow)

© Photography by Khris Cowley for Here & Now (fb.com/wearehereandnow)

-That’s a cool story! Now you guys have a great brand which is recognized all over the world! I see you guys are having items for sale here as well – custom made jewelry and outfits. Do you work with the local designers?

  • Yes, that’s a big factor of what we do here at ‘Do Not Sit in Miami’. We created a platform for other up & coming artists, DJs, painters, designers – all types of artists. When you come to our club, you’ll see a little bit of everything all over the place, so we help to support artists in every way we can.

do not sit mmw 5

-Do you guys have any plans to travel around the US this year?

  • As mentioned before, we will have the weekly residency in Ibiza, so we’re gonna be based in Ibiza for the summer. We also will have a residency at Whispers at Branco (Mykonos) and also in Cesme (Turkey), so we will be going back and forth between there. That will be crazy partying! But then when we have DNS Showcases I will travel to set up everything. We design space in a certain way, we bring our whole feel into the club.



-Do you guys do any charity events?

  • We do! We produce some charity events at the club. We rent out the space to people for special events. A fellow artist’s father passed away, so we had a charity event to help him gather the funds to go back to Africa for the funeral. We also work with the Burning Man community and do special events with them to help fundraise. We also work with the city closely, doing all kind of events.

do not sit club mmw 3

-You have been inside the industry for a long time. Is it challenging to be a woman in this ‘man’s world’ industry? When did you start working? What was your inspiration?

  • I went to law school and worked in the legal field for many years. When we opened Do Not Sit, I really wasn’t suppose to come in and help, but under the circumstances, I rolled up my sleeves and I put all my heart and soul into helping the club succeed and became the face of the club. So… I came in, and it’s amazing – because so many people want to come by and see me. It’s not about the man’s world, it’s about passion and love. People can feel it and support you. And that’s the beauty of this industry.

-A beautiful industry indeed. Thank you Megan once again for ‘Sitting’ with us, we look forward to the next big party with you guys!

By Tatiana Gorshkova





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